How to open a N26 Bank account—from anywhere*


(Gus) #81

There are a lot of inaccuracies in the article. The first being that N26 business is available in a lot more countries. I'm in Portugal and I have a business account. Also for identity verification with ID card instead of passport, the process is not provided by IDnow and it's completely offline (no video call), you just take pictures in the app of the ID (front and back) and they later review them, usually in a couple of days

Also, I can confirm that at least for Portugal you can now use ID card instead of passport. I think N26 doesn't update that list very often

(TamĂĄs Zsedrovits) #82

You can only register from countries using euro at the moment, as they state at their website. Too bad...

(Gerald Sittner) #83

Hello Thomas & Everybody, How are you all?

Is it True you carnt buy - purchase, so i presume deposit funds from sale either of cryptocurrencies - bitcoins from a N26 bank account ? Is this true or false?

If this is true - can you purchase buy & sell crypto's from a Revolut account?

Are their any accounts you would specifically advise, suggest or reccomend for the above purposes?

Are there any withdrawal charges from N26 for withdrawing from ATM machines in the UK and Cyprus? Or is it free no charge ?

Can you withdraw at ATM's & purchase in Cyprus, Europe, as you say - said they don't operate in Cyprus & Malta ? What do you mean operate??

Also using the N26 card for payment? Is there a certain amount of usage you can make per month, or is their any hidden charges over or under certain usage?

I'm a British passport holder.

Looking forward to hearing your expertise,

Best Regards & Wishes to Everyone here,

(Gerald Sittner) #84

I further found out there is a maximum cash withdrawal which is not much, and maximum payment of less than €1000 Euros? That Sucks..

(Gerald Sittner) #85

N26 bank germany say they only can open bank N26 accounts in 17 countries, not in 30 of the over 50 countries you mention on this site? They say it's forbidden?

(Gerald Sittner) #86

N26 bank germany won't answer any question regarding criptocurrencies, but the amount you can deposit would be small, about €1000 max and say it's forbidden to presently open an account is the UK or USA!
There's also a percentage charge if you deposit more than €100 Euros each month! And if you make more than 5 cash withdrawal's you get charged outside Germany!

(yasmin fonseca) #87

I have a N26 account for almost a year now but in the next couple of months I won't be living in Germany anymore as I'm going back to Brazil. Even living there, can I still have access to my account through the app? Or I'll have to use VNP to use it? I'm kind of worried because I have some money to receive yet and It will be only transferred when I will no longer be living in Europe

(Thomas K. Running) #88

Hi Yasmin!

It's an account designed for and loved by long-term travelers, so no need to use a VPN or anything like that when you're away from Europe. Cheers!

(Jim) #89

Hi Thomas, thanks for this handy article. Three questions (for you or any of your readers):

1. Any trouble doing this for a US passport holder (living in the US but travel to Europe often?) I know that FATCA tends to scare a lot of foreign banks from opening accounts for US citizens. I am willing to give them my Social Security Number, that's not the issue.

2. Seems that I would qualify for IDNow (with my US passport) and I do have a private mailbox in Germany. Would the IDNow employees have the right to question why I want to open an account or question my residency status in Germany etc? (I do have legitimate reason to want an account, nothing illegal). Anyone has any experience?

3. I don't know if you're familiar with this article https://www.deutscheskonto.... but they seem to vote against N26 ("Since the beginning, we observed the start-up Number26 – nowadays called N26. During the past time, there were several worsenings. One of the
latest was the forced account move with new cards and a completely new IBAN within a time frame of 21 days."). Are you familiar with what's happening there?

Thanks in advance!

(James Wong) #90

Hi Darren,

I was the one who initially started this whole thread so let me give you my experience...

1. I didn't have any issues with the ID verification process with IDNow; but I was in a room with pretty bright lighting and the agent did ask me to tilt my US passport left right, up down, etc. and she gets to control the flash of my phone to shine on my passport. It was relatively painless, but like you said, YMMV, make sure you use a decent smartphone. :-)

2. I happen to have a European cell number and had no issue getting the security code, didn't even think about using my US cell number - but good to know!

I use TransferWise (a British company) to transfer money from my US bank acct to my new N26 account. Takes maybe 2-3 days tops. When you sign up for (they also have an Android/Apple app), you take a picture of your driver license (as proof of identity they store in their system), specify how much you want to transfer (in US dollars) which they then convert to Euros (with very little commission - i haven't found anything lower elsewhere, not even PayPal), and as you "lock in" that exchange rate, you have about 24 hours to deposit your specific US dollars. Here's the beauty - you can do a direct debit from a US bank (and Transferwise does not charge a fee for this), OR you can do wire transfer to a Transferwise's US bank account (Wells Fargo I think), in US dollar denomination. So you're never doing any international debit/transfer.

Depending on your bank, you may have free outgoing wire transfer (or nominal fee) - but this whole thing beats the heck out of trying to do an international wire transfer PLUS having your bank do the currency exchange (which you can bet your bottom dollar that it'll cost an arm and a leg!)

In any case, hope this helps, enjoy your new IBAN number which comes handy if you do a lot of eBay transaction with someone in Europe. Also remember, they don't send their debit card internationally (as far as I know), so I hope you have some kind of arrangement to get it. I haven't used their debit card state-side, but I will when I go to Europe.

(Daniela Tomason) #91

Quite an easy process I must admit, I chose the Italian card so I got an Italian address with redirection here, had a brief video call and verification by N26, job done. I'm not sure how many letters/verifications I will receive by them physically but that doesn't matter as I will have them forwarded to me anyway. I'm still evaluating other banks though as I'm not convinced this is the cheapest out there. Still, a card more can't hurt!

(rocio piotti) #92

Hi everyone,
All questions and answers where extremely usefull.
I´m Argentinian with italian passport. I´m travelling to Germany in september.
I don´t know if it´s better to open an account width a residence adress in Germany, Spain or in Italy as I´ll be visiting these countries. If I register width an German Adress can I prove my Passport width Photo or web came, or I have to go to the post office?
Thanks in advance.

(Thomas K. Running) #93

With an Italian passport you can open the account using video verification in the app (if you use a German delivery address) or just taking a photo of your passport if using a Spanish or Italian delivery address.

If you choose the German delivery address, your account will have a few extra features compared to the other countries (investment feature, possibility for Maestro card, etc). :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

(Ves) #94

Some users are reporting that n26 is canceling their account when a country is changed (or they find out you are based in an unsupported country)?! -

(Thomas K. Running) #95

Note that that user actively contacted them and told them that he was now based in Malta—one of only two Eurozone countries where N26 have chosen not to operate (probably due to perceived money laundering risks or something like that). As long as you don’t actively tell N26 that you moved to a country other than the ones officially supported, you should be fine.

I have not heard any reports of users having their accounts closed for simply using the cards abroad (even in a single country) for a prolonged period of time.

(Stephen Pilon) #98

I would read the ClevverMail reviews before I would recommend them personally.

(anon13457040) #99

I would like to have an N26 to be able to:

  • Receive payments via IBAN/SWIFT from my client in USA.
    -Transfer money to other banks .
  • Use debit card.
  • The account should be register on my company org number. Business account.

Is it possible with N26?

(Thomas K. Running) #100

I’d recommend TransferWise Borderless for your needs @anon13457040. N26 doesn’t support business accounts for other organization forms than sole proprietorships at the moment, nor non-SEPA transfers.

From there you can pay yourself to your personal N26 account for spending.

(Michael agiri ) #101

Please I live in Africa an non EU region, do I use VPN for Germany when signing up since I want to choose German for my account

Or can I sign up without VPN from Africa

(Tak) #102

No need of Vpn. You need address in EU.