How to open a N26 Bank account—from anywhere*

(Michael agiri ) #103

Yes I have a Germany address but would they find out I’m accessing from a non EU or EEA region?


(Daniel Mireault) #104

I’m a Canadian citizen and resident but I travel 6 months out of the year. I just registered to N26 and had the card shipped to my friends house in Germany. As a Canadian am I covered by the medical insurance provided with the Black card. Am I violating there T&C?


(Thomas K. Running) #105

Hi Daniel. The insurance isn’t linked to your citizenship. However, note that it only covers trips of up to 90 days duration, counting from when you left your country of residence. I think they define that as a place where you spend at least 3 months per year, but I would double check with Allianz if they only count trips from the country you’re registered with N26, or if any country where N26 operates count, or any country in the EU/EEA, or any country worldwide.


(anon13689425) #106

I’m EU citizen (Lithuania). Can I register with mailing address in Germany? If so, what should I fill in for ‘Country where you live’ and ‘Tax residency (country where you pay tax)’? Both Germany?

If I use German address in the list of accepted ID documents for customers within Germany nor Lithuanian ID card, nor Lithuanian passport is accepted for video verification. The same NO is in the list for customers living outside of Germany. So how can I register then? Or they just discriminate some EU citizens?

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(Shey Garcia) #107

Hi tried this N26, however during my video verification, they did not accept my passport due the year of issuance. I just moved in to Germany and need to open a Bank account. I do not have a job here yet. Which also requires a bank account upon application. Can anyone suggest what i should do?


(Thomas K. Running) #108

If your passport is lacking biometric features, then it won’t be supported during the video call. You could apply for a new passport at an embassy or consulate in Germany.

Or you could try the PostIdent method described in the article instead (if your country of citizenship is listed in the article in that section), using your current passport.


(John Thomas) #109

I want to open an N26 Account from the UK, but denominated in Euro’s not Pound Sterling. Is that possible?


(Thomas K. Running) #110

Yes, although not super obvious how, it is possible. What you’ll need to do is to open the account with an address from an EU country other than the UK to receive your card. After that you can change your address to the UK and your account should remain in EUR.

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(ann naughton) #111

You advise to open the account from EU address in Euro to receive the card, then its possible to change address to UK, and the account will stay in Euro ? will ATM withdrawals also stay free ?


(Thomas K. Running) #112

That should work, yes. You’ll be in the price plan of whatever country you open the account in, even if you later change the address. Which means that you’d still have free ATM withdrawals in EUR—GBP withdrawals would be subject to the 1.7% conversion fee like other currencies (as long as you have the free plan).


(Balssam Saleh) #113

N26 refused to open an account for me, although I have a residence in the Netherlands… And their customer service said that i have to be a dutch citizen… is it true?


(Teo Zu) #114

Hi there, awesome article! I wanted to ask you… what options do I have to get the N26 card? I live in Romania… and I have a passport. What do you recommend to me? Thank you in advance!


(Thomas K. Running) #115

No, not as long as you have an ID document from any of the supported countries. Where are you a citizen?


(Felizarda) #116

The European community wants to control everything. I’m going to be nomada, I’m going to change country 3 to 5 times a year, where can I open an anonymous account? I saved my money and already paid taxes once on it, meaning I do not want to pay more. Is the Nomadgate a German thing ???


(Rax Kumar) #117

Greetings Everyone!
If i open n26 account in UK and later on apply residency of spain or portugal can i get the account transferred to that country?
So that i can show i have bank account in that country?
Can i get it switched to euro or have accounts in both euro n pounds?
What are the costs for these?

Or what other accounts are best for these?
I have personal and business TransferWise account in Uk too!

Thank you all in advance.


(Marc Reijnen) #118

I have opened a N26 account in France, which works fine. Only downside is that the savings account doesn’t seem to be operational. Does anyone know why and when this will happen?


(Daniel Zhou) #119

Is this article out of date?
It seems from any county out of EU and UK you can not open an account.


(Thomas K. Running) #120

Like the article says, you can only open an account with an address in the EU/EEA/UK at the moment. The US will launch soon.

Has your experience been different?


(Daniel Zhou) #121

Sorry. I thought “anywhere” as in the titles means anywhere in the world.


(Thomas K. Running) #122

It refers to the fact that you can be physically located anywhere in the world when opening the account—but you’ll still need a qualifying address (and citizenship).

This is a site primarily for nomads and serial expats after all, who tend to move around a lot outside of where they live or are from.

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