How to open a N26 Bank account—from anywhere*

(Tata) #123

Hi. I am sorry but can you please tell me how did you manage use mailboxde. N26 not even accepting the address. The mailboxde gave me the street Äussere Weberstr. but in google i found the same address but looking like Äußere Weberstraße - is it the same. Please advise . Thk you


(Alessandro) #124

Hi, N26’s website states that if you open a French N26 bank account, “your first transfer can only be sent from another one of your accounts”.
I contacted N26 customer chat about this: the first person I spoke to said that I could ignore it, the second told me that it was obligatory.
Does anyone know what the situation is in practice?
Thanks in advance!


(Mario) #125

Yes, it is the same address. German spelling rules were updated, so in certain words ß is nowadays replaced by ss.
And Ä can be alternatively spelled as AE, in case of internet domains for example or when typing using an English layout keyboard.
However, I went ahead and tried updating my address to the suggested address of Äußere Weberstraße and the website declined it, so it might be that they have blacklisted this address. I would get in touch with their customer support if I were you.


(Tata) #126

Thk you Mario. I am testing now one of the new services i found. will see if it will work) Thk you very much for you time to answer) Have a great weekend


(Mario) #127

Let me know if you find one that works :slight_smile:


(Rajat) #128

I am an Indian living in UAE and Macedonia and when I select any of these 3 countries, N26 app says its not available in these countries. So you can only open the account if you live in the EU as per their website.

Do you know of any online bank like where I can open the account and the account is in EU. I need this to accept Amazon AppStore payments as in the three countries where I am, it only pays in check and that is a problem.