How to register as an economically self-sufficient resident in Finland

Hi I am an EU citizen and have a few apartments in Finland already. The apartments were purchased with construction company loans and they generate good passive income flow after deduction of financial and maintenance charges. I also has some saving in Finnish and local bank accounts.

Of course I have paid capital income tax to Finnish Tax office for two years. I want to stay there as my main investments are there, can do some renovations from time to time and may run a airb&b in the future.

Does anyone has experience how difficult/easy to register as an economically self-sufficient resident in Finland?
Thank you.

I know I can stay in Finland for 3 months without a RP, but how soon I can re-enter Finland after having stayed there for 3 months and left ?

Everything is difficult in Finland.
I am married to a Finn for coming up 20 years this July, and we have some apartments too.
I do not want to be resident there (god forbid with their draconian tax rates), and actually, as can be seen by a reply to another contributor here on Nomad Gate, I am officially resident in UAE and have been for more than 25 years but now working (for my sins - and BLOCKED) in KSA.
In Finland they hate this, they would love to get their claws into me as they are a ‘leftie’ mentality socialist nation and heavens, above if anyone should crawl their way out of the bucket …