How will central bank digital currencies effect things?

is this a restriction on movement?

There is absolutely nothing that would not be restricted by central bank digital currencies. You can read exactly how this would/will be done in this paper by the World Trade Organisation. With double-talk characteristic of all globalist leadership, every point of progress mentioned by the WTO which is characterised as an “advancement” is a limitation of individual privacy, autonomy, commerce, enterprise, and all forms of travel (even domestic, e.g. Oxford):

Any page of this 72-page paper would be plain enough, but there was a fair summary of it made after its release last year which breaks down the key themes:

Thanks for this, it does appear they wish to control all aspects of life and travel!!!

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If the world is to work from home some countries are going to lock you in it so you do not leave and work remotely. The current agenda of some is to prevent nomads