I'm thinking of relocating to Ireland as I'm not sure about Portugal

I’ve been in Portugal for 7 months now, and I’m more or less settled. NIF, Residency, etc. all but settled. I had to pay rent for a year upfront because it appears that landlords don’t trust foreigners, even if they’re EU citizens (I"m dual German/South African).

I’m thinking of relocating to Ireland when I finish my lease.

Some things make me uncertain.

  1. Ireland is pretty expensive when compared to Portugal.
  2. As a European citizen, it seems I still won’t qualify for medical care, so I will have to pay for medical insurance, and they seem to have the same pricing system as America. Does anyone know more about this?
  3. If I buy a cheap home, does anyone know what home ownership taxes are?
  4. As an EU citizen, is there anything that applies specifically to me?