Multiple permanent residencies in the EU

I am a UK citizen, losing my freedom of movement (due to Brexit) on 31 Dec 2020. I have permanent residency in Greece. I am also registered as resident in Germany and considering Portugal. This is because, although I plan to be mostly in Greece, I may want to spend more than 90 days in Germany or Portugal (Schengen rules allow 90 days in any 180 days). However, my understanding is that although the EU permits multiple residencies, it permits only one EU permanent residency. I assume (but don’t know) that if I am granted another permanent residency, the previous one is cancelled. Does anyone know the rules around this or have other suggestions. I don’t need to work locally in any of these locations. I may like healthcare if that’s possible to obtain. I will choose my tax residency carefully, but suggestions are very welcome!


Since you will soon not be an EU national, maybe this will help.

I have no idea if the EU will grant multiple long-term resident permits (LTRP). However, EU Countries can offer their own version of a LTRP.

"If you have stayed legally in an EU country for five years, you may be entitled to be given a ‘long-term resident’ status there.

What is a long-term resident?

A long-term resident is a citizen from a country outside the EU who has been given long-term resident status. This status means that the person will have similar rights as EU citizens."

The time you must reside in a country before getting their LTRP may prevent you from getting one from more than one country. To receive the Portugal LTRP, for example, you can be absent from the country for no more than 6 consecutive months, or a total of 10 months in the 5 years residence required to quality for their LTRP.


I heard from a lawyer in Portugal that one can only have one residency in EU. I would like to know a definite answer from a knowledgeable immigration lawyer on this.

Is it possible to have multiple temp Residencies in EU/Europe at the same time (ex. Portugal/Albania, or Portugee/Belgium etc.)?

Is it possible to have multiple permanent residencies in Eu/Europe? The problem is which country will be the tax resident country? I think you can only have one, right?

Also, there are minimum resreeney requirements in each country so you may not be able to maintain multiple resildenaces in Eu/Europer.

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live 183 days in PT for exemple, AND 183 Days, or 2x 91 days anywhere else. Many countries inside or outside this shit European Union, extend the 90-day tourist visa for another 90 days.
Attention and great care with the high taxes in PT.
If you live 183 days (arrival and departure days inclusive) you are not considered a tax resident.

Hi @yashen.jones

Is your birth country is the UK as well? Also, I see you didn’t get the tax point for UK. As you are still a UK tax resident if you stay in the UK more than 45 days or more in a year (tax year), even if you don’t work in the UK. But Did you asked this question from a professional accountant about the UK tax residency?

The UK has tax treaty with these countries, and your tax will be divided among these three countries depending on days and it can be between the UK and one of these countries as well, as it depends on personal circumstances etc etc?

Best of luck

Thanks everyone for your very helpful answers! And stay safe!