Introduce yourself! 👋

(Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta) #143

Hey there, I’m known nomadically, as Concierge Jo-Anna. I’ve been travelling since I was 15, & little by little, it’s simply become my way of life. I am a professional singer,writer & lifestyle afficianada, hence the moniker: Communications Connector. I love sharing my experiences, & for myriad reasons; being helpful, learning something in new exchanges myself, & of course, fun & profit! I spend most of my time travelling between Berlin,Cannes,New York & D.C., but am always game to go just about anywhere!
Very happy to have found Nomad Gate-lots of great tips, thanks Thomas! Looking forward to more interesting info.
Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

(Wayne John Vovil) #144

Hi Nomads

I am Wayne (sprog). I am Australian but have lived and worked all over the world and Australia itself. I have worked and lived in Hong Kong, Sinapore, Wellingon (and Tokoroa) in New Zealand, Manhattan, Long Island, Silicon Valley and San Fransisco in USA, Edinburgh, Dublin, Oslo, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Kyoto. I am now based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and travel and work where I wish. I am a Data Scientist, which is a fancy name for a Programmer (it’s the trend these days). I love Rugby Union, Rugby League, Science Fiction, Monty Python, languages and cultures and especially high quality RED wine (prefer Aussie ones or USA Sonoma Zinfandels, and a drop of Portugese stuff. I love most music, particularly The Beatles, Fado music etc. I am a great cook and very creative, although my favourite food is high quality Japanese (only not Gaijin) sashimi.

(Baris Taseli) #145

Hello Nomads,
Baris here. Was born in Cyprus and most of my life I have lived there. Last year I got married here and now I started living near Vienna.
I am now getting trained in the Data Science field and after hopefully completing my certification programme in the middle of next year I am planning to get a job in this field.
The ideals here mentioned in this community has attracted my attention while I was surfing in the internet so that’s how I came up sighing in.

Apart from stdying at the moment very intensly for my courses, I enjoy working in our garden, meditating, walking around. Other things I used to do I am hoping to start doing again once I get settled here.
All the best,

(Subomi Plumptre) #146

Hi. :hugs::hugs: I go by @subomiplumptre on most social media platforms. I’m an African who loves to travel and I’m looking forward to being location independent someday! I love live bands and sci-fi movies. A favourite book of mine is The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille. It’s broadened my understanding of culture.

(Duncan) #147

Hey, Tak. Yokoso. We’re still stuck in Japan, w/ real estate, all assets here, too. The economy is diving down, down - you’re right. Medicine is a good field, though. But my doc here says all the other docs talk about is law. Maybe they’re getting sued! Anyway, we’re going to escape before Abe crashes the banks. Will keep posting.
Good luck!

(Simon) #148

Hi everyone,

My name is Simon and I’m from Canada. I’ve been location independent since 2012.

I trade currencies and other financial instruments, run a location independence-related website (Freedom Surfer) and invest in promising startups.

I am based in Hong Kong and spend most of my time in the Asia Pac region.

Exploring remote places is my focus at the moment. I’ve just done Easter Island, French Polynesia, the Azores and Hawaii. Next is the Cooks and if the stars align, the Kerguelen islands.

(Thomas K. Running) #149

Welcome Simon! It’s great to have your here—I know you’re extremely knowledgable so looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

For anyone who haven’t seen Freedom Surfer yet, go check it out. It’s awesome, and the “Insider’s Club” membership as an absolute bargain for anyone who wants to geek out about flag theory, international banking, incorporation, etc.

(David_K) #150

Hi im David and moving from Germany to Malta and hope to find some advice, after leaving the safe harobur and established well on Malta I want to go to Dubai or Cyprus :slight_smile:

(Donald Philby) #151

I used to live in San Diego. Been living in Vancouver Island, Canada for 12 years. Lots of sailing. In process of buying a different boat in Caribbean. Registering boat in Cayman Islands. Then full time “nomad” and stock investing from aboard. Digital and satellites makes it economically possible. Good luck on your future.