Introduce yourself! 👋

(Wayne John Vovil) #144

Hi Nomads

I am Wayne (sprog). I am Australian but have lived and worked all over the world and Australia itself. I have worked and lived in Hong Kong, Sinapore, Wellingon (and Tokoroa) in New Zealand, Manhattan, Long Island, Silicon Valley and San Fransisco in USA, Edinburgh, Dublin, Oslo, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Kyoto. I am now based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and travel and work where I wish. I am a Data Scientist, which is a fancy name for a Programmer (it’s the trend these days). I love Rugby Union, Rugby League, Science Fiction, Monty Python, languages and cultures and especially high quality RED wine (prefer Aussie ones or USA Sonoma Zinfandels, and a drop of Portugese stuff. I love most music, particularly The Beatles, Fado music etc. I am a great cook and very creative, although my favourite food is high quality Japanese (only not Gaijin) sashimi.

(Baris Taseli) #145

Hello Nomads,
Baris here. Was born in Cyprus and most of my life I have lived there. Last year I got married here and now I started living near Vienna.
I am now getting trained in the Data Science field and after hopefully completing my certification programme in the middle of next year I am planning to get a job in this field.
The ideals here mentioned in this community has attracted my attention while I was surfing in the internet so that’s how I came up sighing in.

Apart from stdying at the moment very intensly for my courses, I enjoy working in our garden, meditating, walking around. Other things I used to do I am hoping to start doing again once I get settled here.
All the best,

(Subomi Plumptre) #146

Hi. :hugs::hugs: I go by @subomiplumptre on most social media platforms. I’m an African who loves to travel and I’m looking forward to being location independent someday! I love live bands and sci-fi movies. A favourite book of mine is The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille. It’s broadened my understanding of culture.

(Duncan) #147

Hey, Tak. Yokoso. We’re still stuck in Japan, w/ real estate, all assets here, too. The economy is diving down, down - you’re right. Medicine is a good field, though. But my doc here says all the other docs talk about is law. Maybe they’re getting sued! Anyway, we’re going to escape before Abe crashes the banks. Will keep posting.
Good luck!

(Simon) #148

Hi everyone,

My name is Simon and I’m from Canada. I’ve been location independent since 2012.

I trade currencies and other financial instruments, run a location independence-related website (Freedom Surfer) and invest in promising startups.

I am based in Hong Kong and spend most of my time in the Asia Pac region.

Exploring remote places is my focus at the moment. I’ve just done Easter Island, French Polynesia, the Azores and Hawaii. Next is the Cooks and if the stars align, the Kerguelen islands.

(Thomas K. Running) #149

Welcome Simon! It’s great to have your here—I know you’re extremely knowledgable so looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

For anyone who haven’t seen Freedom Surfer yet, go check it out. It’s awesome, and the “Insider’s Club” membership as an absolute bargain for anyone who wants to geek out about flag theory, international banking, incorporation, etc.

(David_K) #150

Hi im David and moving from Germany to Malta and hope to find some advice, after leaving the safe harobur and established well on Malta I want to go to Dubai or Cyprus :slight_smile:

(Donald Philby) #151

I used to live in San Diego. Been living in Vancouver Island, Canada for 12 years. Lots of sailing. In process of buying a different boat in Caribbean. Registering boat in Cayman Islands. Then full time “nomad” and stock investing from aboard. Digital and satellites makes it economically possible. Good luck on your future.

(Matteo Bruno) #152

Hi everyone, I’m Matteo!
I’m italian, born in the south of Italy, lived a few years in Rome and Milan, now I’m relocating to Barcelona :slight_smile:

(Pierre R Galette) #153


My name is Pierre R Galette. I am very new to this. I don’t use social media really. I was intrigued by the topics and resources of this website. I want to travel and learn more skills and languages.

I currently live in Georgia, USA :us:. I indulge in WordPress design (HTML & CSS) :computer:, real estate, and golf :golf:. I work full time for Tesla in one of their showrooms. I also like luxury cars…

(Daniil Alexander) #154

Hey everyone, my name is Daniil, I’ve been involved with digital advertising for the past couple of years. I spent the past 8 years studying, working and living in the US, but I was born elsewhere. Always considered myself a citizen of the world, I’ve been experiencing a lot of troubles lately by being a “digital nomad” as this site nicely put it. Hope to find good advice and connections to leverage our biggest strengths - open mind and open world opportunities. Cheers!

(Cyrena Lee) #157

Helllllo everyone!

I’m Cyrena and I just quit my ten year stint as a capitalistic, start-up slave… now taking some real time off to write, travel and figure out what I want. :sunglasses:

Next up: I’ll be in Colombia (Cali) to learn Spanish! I love languages (speak French and Chinese) and then will be around… I have done a lot of creative marketing in the past, content creation, and freelance writing for pubs like Folk Rebellion, MindBodyGreen, and more.

You can see more of my writing here and say hi!!

(Nick Noorman) #158

Hi fellow travelers,

I am Nick, free spirit, born in the Netherlands, and “on the road” since childhood… my parents were regularly worried because I managed independently to travel to distant cities on my little bicycle :hugs:
I started traveling the globe when I was 18 and adopted the free spirit lifestyle in all aspects of my life.
I explored all continents and lived in Europe, Indian subcontinent, SEA, Central (Latin) America and Middle East.
At present I have residency in UAE from where I operate my Management/Consultancy FZE…Free Zone Enterprise…Free is referring to No Taxes ! Residency comes with the status of investor.
I have operated in different jurisdictions, depending on the fiscal climate at the time, and found Costa Rica the most suitable location to live, raise your children and operate your offshore business.
My passion is developing sustainable and eco friendly real estate projects in undeveloped regions of the world in which I am financially and creative involved.
For the last two years I have been mainly worked and lived in India where my Goa trips keeps me from getting too much involved in business. My planning is too shift my attention to Colombia where I followed the implementation of the peace treaty and see positive change in stability of government, security in the different regions and ample opportunity to work with the local owners to develop their coastal properties. After Costa Rica and Panama becomes Colombia the place to visit and invest.
I joined this community to share and learn from likeminded free spirits who want to take the direction of their lives in their own hands.

(Ben ) #159

Hello everybody :),

I’m Ben a student living in Amsterdam
I don’t have a job yet or anything but I do travel a lot. Mostly Between Europe and the United States. That’s why I signed up with this site cause they have great reviews on bank accounts and cards that save money with people that have multiple currencies.

Nice to meet you all and happy savings :slight_smile:

(Zentjie) #160

Hi… Zen in spirit and Zen in person.I am South African and spent time in France, Spain,Italy and Ireland, over the past 20 years.Not always easy procuring a residence permit as a non EU national,but presently have a long term EU resident in France.I am looking to change it to Malta,but still spend time in my home country as well as the EU ones.Thankyou for a great platform.

(Samantha Yanagawa) #161

Hi im Samantha I come from Zimbabwe and I love travel and meeting different people wether it bewas online or in person. I enjoy marketing anything I think will be viable on the market. I am out going and just love my life and I try to live it to the fullest. Nice to meet you all

(Silvia Gallo) #162

Hi guys!:hugs:
Happy to join the community, I’m Silvia and represent a nomadic family of 3 people (last one is 3 years old and already lived in 3 different countries:-)
I left Italy in 1999 and moved to Belgium, than a big jump to Tibet for 4 years, followed by Liberia, Haiti, Central African Republic (without the kid) always for mid-term assignments and finally Fiji. What next… probably back to the warm sun of Africa, because you might not believe me but Fiji (at least Suva, the capital - where we live for work) is the the rainiest and flattest energy town I have ever lived in. So, not really excited… If you think of Fiji, go to the West!!!
Thanks for sharing experiences and tips, great community!
Have a safe continuation of your trip (life):earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:

(Garyk Postrekhin) #163

Howdy Nomads :wave:

My name is Igor, but folks often call me Garyk :sunglasses: I discovered independent travel back in 2005:thailand:, and the bug bit me immediately.:bug: My nomadic lifestyle was started with seasonal gigs in Alaska :fish: and Caribbean :ocean: in '07. That seems like eternity ago and I cannot imagine life now without regular travels. Over the past 8 years, besides grad school and frequent travels, I’ve mainly worked as a teacher :man_teacher: – starting off teaching math in Austin and then teaching abroad in Russia and China.

About a year and a half ago I set out to build a startup offering adventure traveling services to Nomads like yourselves. Before then I never felt any need for a community like this, since I’m quite sociable, and it was always effortless to find compadres on the road or in the locations where I stopped (and CS :couch_and_lamp: was awesome). But now, with this entrepreneurial endeavor, I spend much time cooked up indoors by myself and would like to connect with other nomads, who understand this phase of life.

Another reason I’m joining in on these discussions is to seek out nomadic entrepreneurs to bounce ideas and gain advice regarding building a nomads-oriented company. And hopefully some great connections and friendships will also come out of it all!

Favorite countires:
:taiwan: Taiwan – actually one of my bases in Tainan
:georgia: Georgia – god’s country
:mexico: Mexico – it’s so diverse and awesome all around

Cheers and Roam on!

(Simon Upton) #164

Hi all,

Simon here, I’m a Kiwi who lived a lot of places around the world (~10 countries) in a previous life as a consultant, and now as nearing retirement getting back out there and travelling again.

Favourite countries, NZ (of course!), Japan, Cyprus, Italy…


(Daniel Mireault) #165

I’m Daniel, and I usually go by @dmireault online. I’m Canadian and for the past 10 years I’ve been spending my winter in countries with warmer climates most often in Chiang Mai.

I’m an interface designer and my clients are mostly startups based in Montreal, US and Europe.

This year i decided to change scenery. I’m currently in Berlin and leaving this week to go to Lisbon for the next month.