Introduce yourself! 👋

(DCardi) #123

Hello everyone. I’m Derek. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago based in the Caribbean. I’m currently in a regional account management portfolio for a major global energy company and I travel to Colombia, Houston, Aberdeen, Amsterdam frequently. Looking to phase out of the corporate life and live my dreams and focus on my trading in the financial markets and my book writing. I’ve travelled a bit and spent time in Italy, Venice, Canada, different parts of the US and of course the Caribbean.
Really looking forward to learning innovative ways and techniques to becoming nomadic especially with banking regulations and times allotted to being in countries without work permits as these things are real problems for us being born in the Caribbean.
Happy to be here :smiley:

(Doria Worden) #124

Hi everybody,
I’m Doria, really happy to be here! I am from the US but I recently moved to Germany. I am a freelance dancer and online English teacher and am trying to make it all work (and somehow conquer the German language). My favorite city right now is Copenhagen, but NYC will always hold a special place in my heart. The Alchemist is forever my favorite read, with its ever-present significance to all humans but especially travelers. If you are looking for a laugh, check out John Oliver of Last Week Tonight’s clips on YouTube, they are hilarious and very informative.

(Dave Yoshida) #125

Hi - I’m Dave, and I’m from San Diego, CA, USA. I happened upon Nomad Gate and read through some of the posts - interesting stuff. For the time being, I live and work at home in SD, but am looking at making a change in the next couple/few years and emigrating to another home somewhere outside of the US. So, if it’s OK with y’all, I’ll probably lurk for a while, soak some stuff up, and learn. Happy happy :slight_smile:

(Lukas Zpira) #126

Hey Everyone
Wasn’t sure how to post so made it a reply tok this post…
I’m Lukas Zpira a transdisciplinary artist originally from France. I have been travelling intensively since 1999, nomad since 2003 when a fire burn down my place.
I document my trips with my daughter Mayliss since 2011 in a project call The Chaøs Chrønicles ( She is 23 in few months. We travel together since she is 6. Been over 50 countries together. She did correspondence school since she was 9.
I also started another project, a photo diary called The 4th Life - Anima Mundi (visible on Instagram @anima_mundi_23)

(gigdesk) #127


i am, a startup providing workspaces for digital nomads from popular restaurants and coffee shops. unlike others, we help restaurants to add new business line, without disrupting existing F&B business. signup and and support us.

Here goes my story behind gigDESK:

gigDESK is evolved based on my own experiences as sales professional. I always spent time looking around for quite place in restaurants and coffeeshops while waiting for a customer meeting, to refine a presentation or just to park myself for a quite thought.

I am sure many other moving professionals like digital nomads, freelancers, remote professionals etc., feel the same. Also, there are times, i want to escape from routine desk and sit quietly and work. Obvious choice was my favorite restaurant.

Once i get to restaurant or coffee shop, i am obligated to buy something and feel uncomfortable as it gets busy.

gigDESK is born to address all these problems. Hope we get traction and make it a tool for digital nomads.

thks. Pavan.

(asia) #128

Hi! I’m Asia, I’ve been traveling since 2011. I used to do pretty much any and every job I could to keep traveling (within legal limits of course) and made the switch to :pencil2: freelance illustration and graphic design :paintbrush: in 2014.

I particularly love South America and South East Asia. Some of the easiest destinations to travel in (visa wise, being Filipino) and some of the best food and adventures to be had are all here!

:books: Definitely recommend everyone to read Half of a Yellow Sun // The Name of the Wind // Foundation to start! :heart:

My :airplane: travelgram is @asiasupernoob my :art: art instagram is @asianobleart and my website is

(bykvh) #129

hELLO, I’m victor, glad have found this community. Orginally from the Netherlands, but presently in Brno - Czech Rep, since last Dec. Working a technical support job, and preparing a Linux certification, hope it will make it possible for me to become a location independent person as soon as next year, for full time.
So far I have explored some scenes in SEA, and next planning to explore in Africa and Latin America.

I am in love with Linux and some other related / depending technologies. But also love to creating products.
To preparing my certifications, I discovered an amazing application called TiddlyKiwi that is helping me to organize my information, with interesting documentations and links between topics. And you even can create mind maps and links to other documents. It will require a bit of reading to get started with it, but once you get through how it works, it’s really useful.

I encourage everyone to work for his independence and the community to grow even bigger.

Keep doing Your Right Thing!


(Aaron Villard) #130

Hello there people, nice to be here! I’m Aaron :wave:t2: from :es:

I study Economics and I got here while doing some research of what kind of job-lifestyle-cities fit with my idea of life.:crossed_fingers:t2: Apart from numbers and economical crap (joke) I’m so into tech, music and art, so if you wanna share things or have a good chat about something related I’m your guy :raising_hand_man:t2:

Actually working for a shitty multinational company to finish my studies but I’m so into new adventures :camping:

I´m reading a book per week :books:, but The Wisdom Of Insecurity by Alan W. Watts made my mind reach another level :flight_departure:

I live in Madrid right now but if you want to know a new destination for your non-work trips, Southern Galicia (here in Spain too) is your place :sunrise::national_park:

I’ll be glad to answer you if you wanna know more about this country or anything else! Glad to meet y’all!

(Kadshah Nagibe) #131

Hi everyone, my name is kaj from NYC:-)

(Samuel Gracida) #132

Hello! My name is Samuel Gracida. I’m originally from Mexico but have lived in China, the USA and Germany. I am currently earning money from the USA and I just started a brand of Mexican products. So I definitely get the nomad life and I’m looking forward to learning more about the location-independent style of life. Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing what I know as well! :smiley:

(George M) #133

Hi everyone, my name is George, and quite honestly stumbled onto the site while doing some research on mobile banks. Married with two kids and recently spent 6 weeks vacationing in Europe…and got the itch again to travel and maybe make a move to have more options to work/live abroad. Looking forward to reading up on the info here and getting to k ow everyone!

(Myles Bostwick) #134

Hi all! I’m just starting my nomadic journey. I work full-time as a software engineer and have worked out a deal to be remote 3-6 weeks at a time, and in-office 3-6 weeks. So sort of a hybrid. My wife’s work is not remote-able right now, so we’re figuring out how that works when she’s tethered and I’m not, but she still wants to travel and experience places.

My first 4 week stint will be in Belize this January. I’m looking for recommendations on the next place, somewhere tropical! I’m an avid scuba diver and love the beach!

(Jenna Miller) #135

I love that book! One of my favorites I’ve read recently.

(Jenna Miller) #136

Nice to meet you all!

My name is Jenna. I’m an iOS developer and have been remote for about 6 months :blush:I’ve been spending time in London, a few different islands in Greece, St. Petersburg, and Boston. I’m interested in spending most of the rest of the year in Africa and Asia (I’ve only been to Thailand so far).

This seems like an awesome community, and I’m excited to be part of it!

(Kyle Billings) #137

:wave: hello world!

my name is kyle and i’m a growth designer and filmmaker in paros, greece for the moment. i’ve passed time in spain, the UK, australia, anguilla, and my homeland of new england, USA.

i’m excited to join the community! looking forward to contributing and learning as much as possible from all of you.


(Jack Ryan) #138

Hi all , I’m new to the community, been travelling for work for 15 years around the globe but mainly in SEA , looking to retire in Portugal so any advise would be extemly helpful.

(Hein Kuenen) #139

Hi all, I’m Hein. Not so much a travellers perse (just yet) but created a nomadic way of working anyway. I have changed countries a few times in the last few years and I guess I quickly need to learnt to be ok with digital books and digitise my music Albums etc.
Planning on travelling more and more and ideally would do so with 1 suitcase (laptop, Phone and some clothes) only. Let’s see if I get there …

Anyway, please to meet and and questions And advise is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Alexandra Ivanoff) #140

Hi There! I’m Xanthippe in Budapest - waiting impatiently for N26 to arrive in Hungary!!
Meanwhile, I’ll say a bit about what I’m doing as a Nomad. I help people via online lessons to improve their English pronunciation. I’m an American, so of course my students learn to speak with an American accent - the standard tv/radio broadcast style.
Cities I’ve lived in and loved in: Istanbul, Berlin, New York, Belgrade, Vienna, and San Francisco. Gotta go pack my suitcase now for another travel adventure!
Love from beautiful Budapest to all xx

(Per-Arne Blad) #141


I would like to present myself as a happily retired person, living in Malta for seven years. My wife and I spend the summers in Sweden which is my homeland. When it is getting too damp in Malta during winter we go to Gran Canaria for a month or two.

The reason I joined Nomadgate is that I quite often feel a bit lost in my dealings with the authorities in Malta. Also, I am open for new ideas how to create a good life in general, living abroad.

Best Wishes


(Duncan) #142

Hi. This is Duncan in the west of Japan, next to Osaka. Once from Montreal, but now here in
Zen Templeland 34 years. Retired, but really starting fresh, deciding to network extensively in Asia for trade and insight, consulting. Happy to share what we know. Japan pre-1987 didn’t even have a retail sales tax, now only 8%, soon 10%. Not very hard to put down roots here if you’re a skilled nomad, and with an accountant, it’s a great place to declare taxable income. The language really isn’t a barrier - and many say Mandarin is easier, simpler. Studying it myself now. Banks - best bet right now. Anyway, fire away with any questions on this area, I’ll answer what I can.