Introduce yourself! 👋

(Dave Perdew) #166

Hello to everybody
starting a new adventure, was living on the west coast of us and now I’m in Denmark working on my new sailboat project, building an international sailing club to do expedition’s and teach seamanship skills traveling to arctic and tropical regions. Before this I’ve always been self employed and living in places like Central America the Amazon, Borneo, Alaska and Germany.
I’m looking for information on banking possibilities, my American bank is totally insufficient and crop to deal with from here.

(Marco Perretta) #167

Hi gang,

Marco from Canada! Living the in the Czech Republic. Gotta say I love the site ;).
Been abroad now for almost a year and learned a few things along the way :P.
I can help for Canadian specific questions or for people coming to Prague ;).
Nice to meet y’all.

(Kenneth Sturmer) #168

I’m Ken and I currently live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, I wouldn’t really call myself a Nomad, only that I move around a lot. I tend to get bored in one place after awhile. I’m not a world traveler, although I have seen a lot. In my seventies, and still not ready to settle anywhere. I think I found this group looking for information about N26 Bank. I am considering a move to Leipzig Germany and was trying to get information about opening a bank account without needing a permanent address. I do enjoy reading everyones stories here.

(Attila Victor Achenbach) #169

Hello World!

I’m Attila from Germany, based in Singapore for a few years now.

I am interested in futuristic tech, helping people, interaction, exploring and learning, and a load of other things.

In recent years, my projects/activities have been circling around robotics, human machine interfaces, assistive systems for people with different abilities and seniors, rehab tech, and extreme sports. I am hoping to start a business in a related field within the next years.

Feel free to approach me on any related topic.


(Duncan) #171

Hi Attila,
We’re north of you in western Japan, 34 years now. However, interested to partly re-locate to Singapore, at least to register a business there. On robotics, I know that in Sichuan, on the outskirts of Chengdu, there are some firms making robot dinosaurs for theme parks. Saw them in April.

Used to work with seniors, long ago. Handicapped devices is a growing field.

Open to discussion, if you like.

Duncan White

(Marion Manowsky) #172

Hi. I’m Marion in Porto🇵🇹. I am remote worker setting up my sustainable business. I am offering services from consulting to online courses in German and English. I am working on my online presence which will online soon under I am here with my two doggies Rocky🐶 and Blacky🐩, I love the beach, nature and food😁 and meeting people from around the world.

(Mel Wicks) #173

Hi, I’m Mel Wicks. I’m a copywriter and content marketer, currently based in the beautiful tropics of Far North Queensland in Australia. But I’m about to sell up my house, pack up my husband and two dogs and move to the UK for a bit of a European adventure. The plan is to base ourselves in the UK for a couple of years, but explore more of Europe and the States while still working as a copywriter. So I guess I’m going to become a sort of nomad. I thought this might be a good forum to get moral support and good advice on my travels.

(Chris Wilkes) #174

Hi everyone, I’m Chris. From Vancouver in Canada but currently backpacking around Australia.

I do dropshipping. Funny thing is I started out with FBA then got rid of my own products and began dropshipping others. This was due to setting up in Canada where FBA is difficult, and not wanting to deal with USA customs.

Anyway, business has been good, and I really enjoy travel so I want to leave Canada officially and put down roots somewhere with lower tax. That’s why I’m here.

Hoping to learn and maybe meet some of you on the road one day!

(Jyoti Josahentara) #175

Hello Everyone!
I’m a native USA citizen, born and raised in California on a farm. I’m 67-years old and retired 3 years ago from teaching the blind and piano/voice (among other things). I presently live in Sedona, Arizona, USA and have been house and pet sitting while camping in between as a transition. I love camping and being in nature! Everything I own is in my pick-up. I’m a natural minimalist with a camera, iphone and MacBook Pro.

I just finished a TEFL Certificate Course (yesterday) and will be traveling and teaching in Mexico, Central and South America - for starters. I plan on driving and camping (in my pickup) so that I can truly explore the natural environment and native cultures independently. Until now, I’ve only traveled and camped within the U.S, with only two trips out of country - to Hungary and New Zealand. So, this is a new adventure to work and live primarily out of my native country. I’m just beginning to learn Spanish and to organize my life to be an international nomad. I plan to leave sometime this summer, if not before.

I’m very happy to find organizations like Nomad’s Gate to help me learn how to be a traveler / expat with grace and efficiency. I’m doing it on a shoe string, so I need to be smart about it. TEFL jobs do not pay well in the regions I’ll be teaching. I plan to do some volunteer work too. So thank you to all who have contributed. As I begin my adventure, I’ll be sure to share anything that I think might be helpful to others. I’m a single, older woman camping alone, so I have a that special perspective. I may start a blog of my travels and if I do, I’ll let you know.

I can share two camping websites. (1) - for camping in a number of countries, and (2) - for camping in the USA and Canada mostly.

Also, I’ve developed a private Youtube movie channel. I call it “Crystal Clear Movies”. Since I don’t pay for TV or cable, I have been gathering technically good-quality movies on Youtube on a channel - for myself and friends. Youtube is full of terrible uploads, so if you go to my channel, you can save yourself the time finding a good movie. I also list my favorite channels which usually have better videos. My channel can be found at You can also search “FREE TV on Youtube” and find some free TV or check out Pluto TV.

I look forward to exploring Nomad Gate and hearing from you all.
Have a great day!
Jyoti (Jo-Tee)

(Jyoti Josahentara) #176

Hi Sara!
I just joined Nomad Gate. I’ll be moving through Mexico, Central and South America teaching English. I’m in Arizona now but will leaving this summer. Thank you for fighting for Net Neutrality! It’s important! Let’s keep in touch. Maybe we can meet-up if we end up in the same place!
Jyoti (Jo-Tee)

(Jyoti Josahentara) #177

Hi Anne!
I just joined Nomad Gate - just curious what you do as a freelancer - if you care to share. I’ll be teaching English but I’m interested in developing other freelance activities like writing. Just curious how people manage to live and work while traveling.

(dicka) #178

hi everyone…nice to meet you all
please feel free to WhatsApp me anytime. i am from Bogor, West Java Indonesia. I live there. ok?
here’s my contact number +6281214343471. Thank you.

(Austin) #179

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m currently a graduate student and will graduate soon. I have had ambitions to live and work abroad for some time now.

At the moment I’m heavily considering countries which offer work/holiday visas (turning 30 soon), or hoping to find a career which will hopefully post me overseas (where I feel this option is initially more challenging from the start).

Anyhow, I’ve joined this community to learn about everyone’s different experiences, so that I can develop a plan to make it happen. I look forward to connecting with anyone/willing to share.

Some of my favorite places include (not ordered):


(Francesco Silicani) #180

Hello hello guys!
I’m Francesco, a consultant from :it:
I decided to leave the company that i work for at the end of January so I’m really fascinated by the chance of becoming a digital nomad, that’s why I’m here! :slight_smile:

My favorite places are:
Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy (but I guess it doesn’t count!)

(Jase Rodley) #181

Hi everyone,

My name is Jase - I met Thomas through a Slack channel a few years ago and I’ve been slow to join up here but happy to find the community.

I’ve been remote since around late-2014. Previously selling services and now focused on building and investing in helpful income generating websites. I still do some SEO consulting on the side too - it allows me to work with much larger enterprises and fine tune my skills.

Andorra is my home now - I happily spend at least 9 months of the year in Andorra with my family. Most years it’s probably more like 11 nowadays. It’s funny how when you have the freedom, it becomes less important.

Happy to answer questions as I find them. I’ve learned a lot about living abroad in an obscure location the hard way, so it’s nice when I can save others the time/hassle.


(Austin) #182

Hi Jase,

Happy holidays to you and yours (Merry Christmas if you celebrate).

Back in 2011 I studied in Spain, and took a day trip to Andorra – beautiful country.

I’d be very interested to learn more about your story, and how to start out abroad.



(Jase Rodley) #183

Hey @ajsheppard89,

I’m about to run out the door so will need to reply to specifics at a later date, however I wrote a story for this very purpose:

It’s long but hopefully provides some insights into one of the (many) ways people find themselves doing what they do.

Merry Christmas to you too!

(Michele st. Pierre) #184

Michele here. Off and on nomad for my 68(!} years. American, have lived in upstate NY, texas, arizona, seattle, sf, la, silicon valley, USVI/st john & st.thomas, morocco, key west and now Placencia Belize after Irma sank my floating home there and took everything.have done lots of sailboat racing and long distance trips. Have done lots of travel: like Istanbul, Venice, Italy. Not sure whats next…maybe eat my way around Italy with my bff janet. Or sail the Dalmatan coast. Worked in marketing, ending as VP for banks. May look for freelance work…any suggestions of where to look? Best regards to all.

(Vanessa boanada fuchs) #185

Hello! I’m Vanessa, social sciences researcher and mother of a one y old. I’ve lived in many countries, but I do not consider myself as a nomad yet. I am planning on permanently becoming one and I am searching for information concerning ebanking, homeschooling, world health insurance, etc.
My favorite place in the world is a tiny remote beach in Rio de Janeiro. :hugs:

(freek) #186

Hey everybody!

I hate taxes, I always did. Paying some would make sense, but after living in Belgium for 34 years I’ve had more than enough. Property prices have quadrupled over 30 years, while wages haven’t even doubled. This economy is broken and I no longer want to be a victim of poor choices, made by other people.

I’ve always been intrigued by lower tax jurisdictions and spent a lot of time researching my options, but it’s not until recently that I learned about Flag Theory / Perpetual Travelling. This is everything I’ve always been looking for, I almost can’t believe it’s a 'thing’ and there’s other people like me who have been doing this for decades!

However, the more I read about it, the more I suffer from information overload. I hope to find some answers here after explaining my situation.