Is LeoPay/LeuPay is an scam? there is many complaint on internet against them?


Is LeoPay/LeuPay is a scam? there is many complaints on the internet against them, people lost their money or unable to receive the deposited funds,… is all over the internet. What’s the current condition of this e-payment system? also is there money protection scheme or insurance on out founds safety exists on the LeoPay/LeuPay or there is nothing insure or protected in case payment lost or e-payment system disappeared suddenly/

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we have a LeuPay account and we haven’t any problem, It’s working properly.
There were some problems in the past but now everythings seems solved.

I’m using iCard too (same company) and I don’t have any problem neither with that.

OFC don’t just take for tru what I said and do your own research, because I know of people who had some problems, but noone who is still missing money.

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I think you should be careful to use this EMI company…as many bad things already happened before~

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Thanks @giftlord Do you mean still can happen then? What the better alternatives with EUR and GBP IBAN number and cards?