Living the Airb&b , what's it truly like?

Hello intrepid long term travellers ! what’s the best and worst things about staying at Air&b’s day-in-day-out?

In many jurisdictions you have no security of tenure (ie you’re a “tourist” not a resident)

Crappy kitchens generally, and they’re expensive


Do you mean in a sense that as a ‘tourist’ you get scammed more often, or in a deeper sense?

can’t run your own broadband line :worried: … and whatever Internet they have via WiFi is never enough :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I feel you man!

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I rent in Lisbon, my landlord has little control over how long I stay (even if I didn’t pay the rent), I’m protected against rent increases. I can enforce repairs, install broadband etc

We’ve started carrying a knife sharpener, a spatula and a can opener as these things often not supplied. Otherwise it’s been fine. Spent about 3 months in various air bnbs


No. Airbnb rentals are just more expensive per day than a long term contract

wow; does this rent control in Lisbon also cover AirBnB’s? Sounds like the opposite of Ireland in which the hotel mafia all but destroyed those rights for short term rentals. Lots of tourism & property investment from Ireland to Portugal so I would love a quick note about that if it’s not too off-topic :pray:


I don’t know, but it covers my rental ( which is not thru Airb&B)

I’ve never felt like this. Please seek therapy or something.


nor have i it was a joke! albeit not one of my better ones !

actually you may be right. way too much stress in my life, maybe travelling and relaxation will help. I’ll find out soon…

It’s cheaper and more spacious than hotels. I think the worst is when the place is different from your expectations. I suggest you read the reviews.

I use AirBnb flats when I travel for business for more than 3-4 days as I don’t like staying in city hotels for a long time.

  • normally cheaper than a hotel room
  • normally more space (kitchenette, living room and a bedroom)
  • you can cook your best omelette and not suffer from the one they serve at hotel breakfast
  • often there is parking space included in the rent
  • wine from the supermarket has same taste but 5x lower price than in the hotel bar


  • you need to coordinate with the owner for check-in and check-out (but not necessarily, there are places with electronic keyboxes so you can come anytime)
  • sometimes the internet connection they have is poor

All the rest is more or less comparable.

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