Office Hotels around the world

I was recently researching some co-working spaces in Tallinn, and came across a concept of an “Office Hotel”. It’s number 5 on this list:

I assume you can stay there overnight, and pretty much live in your office. With a price tag of €600/month, it looks like a decent deal.

Has anyone tried something like that?

Also, can anyone recommend similar places (at similar prices to the one in Tallinn) in other locations (anywhere in the world). The only other one I heard about is, but their prices are way too high (something €2000 - €3000 /month per room last time I checked).

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The Tallinn one looks a bit different than other such offerings that I’ve seen—others often brand themselves as “coliving spaces”. An example of which is Outsite. They have a lot of US locations, but now also a few international ones such as Lisbon. Their pricing is closer to Roam however.

Yet another is Sun & Co in Spain (€1200/mo for private room).

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Thank you for the links. I haven’t heard about them before.

By the way, maybe ‘co-living’ spaces are something you could add to the resources list?

I’ve actually been working on a dedicated article about it, but it has landed on the back burner for now. I’ll try to finish it this fall :slight_smile:

Please give us a list of cheapest living solutions too. Hostels, rentals, offices, whatever works with just passport would be great.