Looking for someone like the Nomad Capitalist but not for 11K

I am a UK citizen and I have a US green card which I will be relinquishing soon. I am looking for someone who can help me like the Nomad Capitalist but I’m not interested in paying 11K upfront for the service.

If anyone knows someone who can help please send them my way.

Thanks sooooooo much,
James :grinning:


Hello James,

$11k upfront can easily be seen as cheap or expensive depending on what you are looking for. The Nomad Capitalist offers a large range of services along with his advice. The main advantage of using his services is his large network of personal and trusted professionals available to you via his services.

While you have not mentioned much about what your concerns are, I am assuming you are more focused on lifestyle location choices with the added bonus of legal tax reduction. Spend a week on his website and YouTube channel. There is hardly any topic or region I can think of that he has not already covered for free. Regardless of if you go with someone else or use his services, you should only invest or take actions on things you understand and can teach others (speaking generally). He already gives about 90% of such information out for free.

Anyone would be happy to take your money. Just remember that whatever advice or solution given needs to suit your personality and risk tolerance. What seems good for one person is horrible for another. The more education and experience you have with your intended location(s) and investment(s) the happier you will be.

Spend a week studying his material, write down your desires and draw up action plans to bring them to life with a time line. You will find that most of the contacts and information you need will come to you during your study. You already have a strong travel document with a number of countries offering options not available to most.

We all have different needs and different expenses. An $11k expense is a great deal if you are planning a large expense over multiple countries/continents requiring many different professionals speaking different languages while providing you with location lifestyle choices along with passive investments removing you from the day to day running. But if you are more hands on, or are not planning to spend or invest much, $11k is much.

I would be interested to know how you get on and wish you all the best as you plan and execute your desires.

Cheers, Ak


I am glad I did NOT use Nomad capitalist service. There are tons of free info out there. You need to do your own due deligence. Although Andrew Henderson has some good info, some of the stuff he talked about are just stupid and garbage, outdated info. He gave up his US Citizenship. That works for HIM. He bought Comoros and St. Lucia Citizenship. That works for HIM. Not for ME. I have multiple powerful passports in the world, and yes including the US one.multiple residencies, businesses real estate and bank accounts worldwide. Enjoy the best weather, food, healthcare and best quality of life worldwide. That works for ME. I will NOT take those junk citizenship and passport from countries like Comos or st. Lucia even if they offer them for free! The programs they promote are the ones they can make money off of you. They will never tell you those better faster easier and even cheaper ones than Golden Visa programs that they cannot make money off you.

Please forgive me but I am lost. Like I mentioned earlier, I made assumptions about your needs and most likely am wrong about them.

Considering the fact that you believe some of the things he says are “stupid, garbage and outdated” information and that you already have multiple powerful passports, multiple residencies, businesses, real estate and bank accounts worldwide, enjoying the best weather, food, healthcare and the best quality of life worldwide, what services or options are you looking for from Andrew or someone like him? I ask because I know that I don’t know or have all answers and continuously seek knowledge especially when I am faced with an opinion different from mine so I do not loose the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience and knowledge of others that are different from me.


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you should spend around 2-1k usd in research on this and do get someone to to pick your brain about your structure. you can send me a pm i know some people that do consulting.

Nomad Capitalist is a brand, and its affiliate marketing that he does, everything he publish is marketing in order to capitalize and referencing people to others for a fee. he is just a marketing person.

To @jamesthrussell


I do precisely what you are looking for, with 30+ years of experience in this field, with a reasonable piecemeal investment structure - give me a shout - initial 45 minute consultation free of charge, and free of any and all possible obligation(s).

At the moment I find myself “stuck” at my other home in Punta del Este, Uruguay - if u r in the UK at this time, we have a 4 hour delta.

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Look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you with your specific needs.

Roman Anin, CMC