Mercan 7 day room booking

Wanted to get feedback on how easy/hard it is to book a room with Mercan with their 7 day a year benefit.

We have not yet had the opportunity to utilize the 7 day stay yet, but when we went to PT last year on an exploration visit, they kindly provided pickup and dropoff at the airport and two free rooms for one night (when we were in Porto) for our family of four. And this was before we had actually financed our investment with them!

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It is difficult to get the free room. As per updated rules, room is offered after getting residency card. Mercan allows a week in season and a week in off season during the two year period.
You have to book well in advance because they have a limited inventory of the free rooms. And presently they have operational hotels only in Porto.

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We stayed at their boutique hotel in Porto, pre-investment, and it was fantastic. We just arranged it via emails with them. We haven’t tried it since then.

They offered discounted rooms for me but not free (for Lisbon), but did do a free drop off/pick up nice car service with absolutely lovely drivers. Still waiting on final approval.

We have used AirBnB when we traveled to Porto and Lisbon. They offered us a list of discounted (not free) hotels but we preferred apartments. They did provide drivers for the airport, pickup and dropoff after Mercan meetings and our SEF appointment.