Moving from one Schengen country to another for a non-Schengen citizen

Suppose you are an American living In Spain where you have a long-stay visa. If you want to establish residency in Portugal or France can this be done without returning to the US. I would think the answer is yes since you no longer have a US address. What does this process involve? Is it possible to have more than one long-stay visa? If you want to live let’s say 4 months each in Portugal, France and Spain can you get three long term stay visas or do you have to change your visa each time you change countries? I am sure there are digital nomads who have this figured out.

i have a spanish non-lucrative visa that I’ve renewed once, and is still active…i just received a portuguese n-7 passive income visa, and they didn’t ask me to relinquish my Spanish visa…i would very much like keep my Spanish visa, so if there are people here that know the best way to do this i’d love to know - also, i no longer have a spanish address - now portuguese…

note: it’s my understanding that with the spanish visa one becomes tax domiciled if they live there for six months in a calendar year…also, the portuguese visa has no tax consequence as long as you’re paying taxes in another country - it’s good for 10 years - and you must spend at least six months in portugal each calendar year…

My understanding is that there is a 183 day rule for residency for pretty much every European country. It could very well be that if you are not making any money in the country they would have a hard time enforcing. In Costa Rica you don’t need to submit a return unless you earn money in the country. Also, I am not sure if it is legal to have more than one Schengen visa. I could be wrong though.

Long-stay visa in one Schengen country doesn’t authorise long-stay in another Schengen country, therefor these two visa should be co-exist, in my opinion, although both visa will be registered on SIS(Schengen Information System).

There are such needs and situation, for example, i may want to apply Portugal GV for future purpose(citizenship or retirement), but for now i want to apply France visa so as to study in France.

So if I have a long stay Visa for France and am living there and I want to stay more than more than 3 months in Portugal, do I have to return to the states to apply for the Portuguese Visa as I would in a tourist visa, or can I handle it from France?

I don’t have specific information for your case, and it is also depends on which type of visa you want to apply etc.

If you are long-staying in France, i would suggest you to contact your local Consulado-Geral De Portugal in France to get a list of supporting paper for your visa application. Most cases it should be okay for you to handle from France.

Thank you. I would be applying for a D7 Portuguese visa from France. What is confusing to me is the difference between a long stay visa and residency. Residency I assume means you are a tax resident but I could be wrong on that. So for example if I have been in France for 180 days on a long stay visa and I want to apply for a D7 visa to become a resident of Portugal I don’t know if I must return stateside where I may not actually have a residency unless I use the home of a close relative.

As long as you can get all the needed supporting documents in France, then you don’t need to return to the States.

The criminal record need be more than a year, if you have been in France for less than one year, then you need to wait until one year; otherwise you need to get criminal records from both countries:
e.g. you have been in France for 180 days then 1. US(> 180 days) + 2. FR (recent 180days)

Thank you Rose. That is very helpful. There are so many moving parts. It is pretty clear you can not have two long-term resident visas:

The long-term resident who has resided in another Member State in accordance with Chapter III shall no longer be entitled to maintain his/her long-term resident status acquired in the first Member State when such a status is granted in another Member State pursuant to Article 23.CHAPTER III : RESIDENCE IN THE OTHER MEMBER STATES