Moving to Portugal after the age of 60

By the time we get our GV my wife and I will be over 60 years old. Has any one else made the move in that age group and what issues did you face?

You might want to look at a blog written by Nancy Whiteman, which gives one view:


I second this! One of the few newsletters I subscribe to and actually read regularly…

That being said it would be great to hear from other community members, too!


I did the same last year with my spouse. The experience is definitely positive. Learning European Portuguese is necessary but not so easy at this stage of my life. Other than this point, the learning curve is reasonable.

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We just applied for the GV so will be waiting a while! We might just stay there a few months at a time while we wait.

Has anyone taken their dog with them from the US? Curious about transportation and legalities!

I moved to Portugal at age 65. I’ve yet to experience any age related issues.


We fit that category but opted to do the D7 Visa. It was easier, cheaper, ( we can buy property later, something that’s no longer an option for GV applications), and found it overall, a smooth, though not without stress and plenty of planning, process.

Now have residency and loving the transition, though we agree, learning Portuguese is a challenge.

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