NIF enquiry


Although I have a NIF and bank account, my solicitor wanted me to have the password for going in my Fiscals.

How do I get the the password as never received any passwords.

This is required for the process of NHR completion

Thanks in advance.


Are you saying that your solicitor wants the password to your Portuguese online bank account?

By ‘going in my fiscals’ did you mean accessing your account with Finanças, the Portugal tax services? Did you create an online account with Finanças, or did someone create one for you? If no to both questions, you can create an account at Official instructions on how to open an account:

Creating an account sends the password by physical mail to your tax address on record. If you needed a financial representative to get a NIF, it is their address. If not, I’m guessing it should be the address you gave when applying for the NIF.

Once you have an account and the mailed password, you can request NHR status on their site.