Northern Mariana Islands

Wanted to share a nice article about Northern Mariana islands:

A lot of people forget that they can move to the Mariana islands and enjoy great weather, lower taxes and a nice culture without hassling to get a visa!

Calculating the tax will get it down to 13.8% which is really nice, not as nice as some places in europe where you can get 10 and lower but still 13.8% with great climate is really nice

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Thanks…>! I finally found out where the legendary Saipan is ?

check the map on the image on the blog

I spent four months in Garapan, Saipan. Stayed at the Himawari hotel. Interesting place. The Chamurro’s don’t really do much. Lots of fake government jobs. Philippine workers are in abundance. Several ghost hotels and factories on the island. Very, very corrupt system. Big Chinese hotel and Casino to laundry money. Interesting place.

Birth tourism is a big thing.