Offshore Banking

Where is the best country for offshore Banking as of today?

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The full simple answer is almost impossible to tell without having more background information available. There are many different options and they depend on the prevailing circumstances and the individual life situations of each. One should be able to choose the best possible option depending on what is available depending on the purpose of the banking service.

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Iโ€™d be interested in seeing an article breakdown, seems like a good topic for the site. Particularly given that the only nomad site Iโ€™ve seen do an in-depth analysis of this is Nomad Capitalist, and Iโ€™d appreciate second opinions.

This is a very good idea and topic. Because most new nomads donโ€™t have a particular preference but can choose based on reliable and current data. We can now use this data to do personal finding and research before moving forward.

Offshore Banking in Vanuatu ? Who has experience with this. I heard incoming wires can sometimes take a week or more

For personal accounts I deal with the Isle of Mann as I get access to major banks and can do the entire account opening process remotely.

What major banks do you have access too?