One stop shop using the funds route

Hi all, can anyone recommend a consultant (one stop shop) that you have used for application using the fund investment option?

Hi Ramesh,

Most lawyers would help with the legal side + act as the tax representative. Some would recommend funds or recommend consultants , but the best practice is to choose your own funds based on your risk profile and other factors.

I did a fair bit of research on the lawyers and the different funds and happy to send that over if that helps. There is also another thread in the forum, with an excel file that lists out the funds. Alternatively, I came across a couple of consultants who can talk to you and recommend funds based on your profile, let me know if you would like to speak to them.

Hi David

Thanks for your response.

Since we currently live in Asia we really need an end-to-end kind of service and handholding. If you are able to recommend such consultants that would be great


Hello David, we are so close to trying to apply for a Golden Visa, but have read a negative review of a law firm we were considering. Can you please send me your recommendations and any info? Thanks! Laura