Ordinary residence in Malta & external income

I am an EU citizen employed in Europe for an Asian based company and I spend part of the year in SEA working at their main office.

I have an opportunity to spend 6 months a year working from their Maltese office and the rest of the time working either in their SEA offices or remotely.

They have also indicated that they are willing to pay me in the most tax efficient manner and I am trying to work out what that is.

From my research it seems that, keeping in mind the new minimum €5k a year tax on overall worldwide income, my best option would be to be an employee in Malta with sufficient income to satisfy that tax and for the remainder of my salary to be paid as a contractor to an account in another country for the 6 months I spend working outside of Malta.

Does that sound like a viable approach? I could easily prove the amount of time I spend in various places if necessary but the figures for the income outside of Malta would be considerably more than that earned and remitted in Malta.

I know I could be paid 100% as a contractor but the being an employee in Malta option sounded like it would save me some hassles!

Any thoughts?