Panama’s Short Stay Visa for Remote Workers

The friendly nations visa, in the current friendly form, is being scraped in Panama. Although there are new options for nomads to visit and live semi-long term in the country - “Short Stay Visa for Remote Workers”. The requirements to get the new type of visa seem pretty easy to fulfill, specially when compared to UAE - In simplified terms, earn $36K/year and don’t work for any Panamanian company.

I’m wondering if there are people in the community that are actively planning to be one of the first ones to try and get this visa? Are you going through a lawyer or applying directly? Did anybody do deeper research in how getting this visa could help out in getting a permanent residency just like with the friendly nations visa (I know it still exists but investing a 100k in a Panama property market seems like too high of an ask :sweat_smile: ).



I’m anybody’s interested to collaborate on the translation of the parts of the decree into clear English and making a joint post out of it I’d be happy to!