Passive Income Residence Permit - Portugal

Hello, everyone!

  1. Any practical inputs on getting a retired/passive income residence permit in Portugal? (Documents, costs, procedure.)
  2. Any suggestions on efficient lawyers who can help out it this process without taking an arm and leg in fees?
    Thank you in advance!
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Hello Burt, I’m a Portuguese lawyer and happy to assist. Feel free to reach out:
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Correct names matter. Retired non-EU citizens who seek a residence permit do so after entering the country on a residence visa. Does that describe your situation? I have the visa and an appointment to get the permit in July. I could help with either or both, mostly by pointing you to the (mostly) excellent summaries on both processes.

Hi, I’m in the process of seeking the same visa. Our time frame is April 2020. Can you please also direct me to the information? Thanks, Cynthia

Hi Cynthia,

Two ways to get the files. First is go to the facebook group ‘Americans & FriendsPT’. Running down the left side of the page are various menu choices. Click on Files. Download ‘2019ObtainingVisa_April.pdf’.

Second way is to download the same file I just put on dropbox:

Requirements change. Most changes seem designed to slow the flow of visa requests to something the consulate staff can handle. Check back monthly at the facebook group for an updated version.

Upon reading a version of the document 2 years ago, the responsibilities of the Financial Guarantor made no sense to me. I searched sites of law firms, accounting and tax consulting firms, the text of the law, and a few others. None agree that with the author of the above visa document, instead they clearly stated the opposite was true. Posted it here:

I hope your journey to a visa is less frustrating, time consuming, and costly than the many who experienced that.

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Thanks so much Dan!

Thanks so much!



You’re welcome. Glad to have been of assistance.

It is quite easy to apply on your own. No need to pay lawyers. As suggested, read Americans & FriendsPT.

OK, thank you!