Entrepreneur Visa in Portugal

Hi- we have a entrepreneur visa in Portugal that lasts for four months and are looking to convert it to a residency permit. We have talked with an attorney and her prices seem to be a bit high. We are curious if anyone has any suggestions. We live in Lisbon and have been here for two months.
Thank you.

Hi there! I am in Lisbon and finding my way around still too (3 months here and just registered as a European resident). I do know already that some services try to charge way too much for not much help. You might have luck joint Expats Lisbon Facebook group too- I got helpful advice there and found out how to register as a resident without paying anyone. I do have to hire a fiscal representative here to help me get through to the fortress of the finance office :slight_smile: wishing you lots of luck and may your dreams for Portugal come true! Kirsty

Hi there again, the Facebook group I have found helpful is ‘expats in Lisbon’. I meant to ask what country you are from? If you are EU then I can tell you, for free, how I got my resident card. But I am guessing you are from another territory seeing as you hav a visa. All the best to you! X

Hi Mara,

For your situation, I know two attorneys who may help you with their usual fair fees. But I am not sure whether if it is allowed to write their contact information on this community forum?

Thank you Kirsty-
We are from the US so your process would be different than our’s. I did find your suggested FB group and was very impressed with your detailed steps- wish we could follow them as you made it so clear.

In time I am sure this will sort out.

Thanks Kourosh- I have sent you a PM so that you can share the information.

All the best