Paying 0% Tax Legally for 100% Digital Nomads

Hi. I have received some info that is possible to pay 0% tax legally in Italy if your work is 100% digital. The workflow was for Italian, not sure if this is also possible for other nationalities or no. It seems, needs to do 3 things for this:

1- Completely become separate from Italian tax system by going outside of Italy for more than half of the year, I assume this is because to not be a tax resident of Italy anymore

2- Get new residency in country X

3- Register company in country Y

However, I don’t know which countries X and Y are.

But I know what characteristics these countries should have:

Here are the 5 characteristics the perfect jurisdiction for the offshore company should have:

1- no corporate income tax

2- no value added tax

3- streamlined and secure bureaucratic system

4- privacy and protection of the confidentiality of the director and shareholders

5- unlimited sharing of profits

Here are the 5 characteristics the perfect jurisdiction for your residence should have:

1- no obligation to stay (so you can choose where to stay freely)

2- no personal tax

3- fast system to obtain residency

4- state modern and efficient and well connected with the rest of the world

5- transparent process with no hidden fees or traps

Do you know what those countries can be?

Hi David. Very interesting post; I’m developing fairly similar ideas, regardless of being specifically DN (works for passive investments as well).

So far, from my research, the UAE or BVI would be your match for the offshore company jurisdiction.

I’ll come back with more ideas once I gather more details for my research.

Best of luck!