Payoneer vs other banks

This post is as much for me and other South Africans, as it is for anyone else. I have a Paypal account and would prefer to keep my international income separate from my local income.

Unfortunately, it seems that being able to open an account with at least a debit card, never mind a credit card is extremely difficult for anyone not living in Europe, including the UK and the USA as well as Canada.

I have therefore opened a Payoneer account. Their support sucks quite frankly, but at least there is a method whereby I can transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer. I will also be able, or so I am told, to use their debit card anywhere and that their overall costs are quite low.

I would appreciate any comments re pros and cons as well as other possible suggestions. I can probably even answer a few questions if need be.

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Payoneer is good. I also use it for bringing my payments from my German employer. But payoneer isn’t very reliable to me. I hear a lot of complaints about them, blocking account without specifying any reason and not returning money. So, whenever I receive payment I withdraw it to my local bank account ASAP. Also, there’s been a few cases in APAC region, that as soon as someone ordered a card their account got blocked even though it was verified. So, it’s really scary, but there’s not much better alternatives, so still using it. Hope you have good experiences with them.

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