Please Some Sugestions?

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Hello everyone. I’m going to become Nomad in August 2019. I’m looking for a Bank that is; online, do not need a mobile phone for messages, because I will change country 5-6 times a year, (((Is there any alternative to the mobile phone that can receive and send messages?)))) low deposit rates and ATMs throughout Europe, North Africa and Latin America.I have 2 Nationalities, and utility bills only in this one that I don´t want to use for the identification of the bank. However, my Photo Documents are all up-to-date. I d´ont trust Germany Banks. Maybe a offshore bank would be the best for me BUT I do not want to pay a buck to open an account. I tried to open an account in Monese and Revolut and both didn´t work Revolut wants an associated bank account but i don´t want like so, and only allows to set up the currency of the country where I am currently, the Swiss. I’m finding everything very complicated to fulfill my dream of going to travel 3 years … Someone kindly give me some suggestions please? God bless you


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Hi. I might give you some tips for this i m an expat dealing with similar stuff.

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Hi Kuiky
Thank you for your answer. Yes, please, can you give me some suggestions about banks? I got it yesterday, after trying 3 weeks, finally opening an account by TransferWise, I found it uncomplicated, but I’m not sure if this will be the best option for the lifestyle I’m going to start. I will try. I would like a Bank in the UK, it should be better seen that they will leave the European Mafia, soon, and there will be no automatic exchange of information, this may mean, more Privacy …


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Transferwise has banking license in the UK and if you’re a European resident, you can get their borderless Debit Mastercard which should do you well when nomad-ing in Europe, since you can store multiple currencies in that Debit Mastercard and you withdraw/spend only from the currencies you store. They do have a list of currencies that include much of Europe, North Africa and major Latin American countries, and it’s “free” to spend, to withdraw from ATM (but limited each month). They do charge a small amount when you convert or top-up from one currency to another (but I find it to be pretty reasonable). Probably the best card out there, given your lifestyle choice. Your borderless account also comes with a German IBAN (I know you don’t “trust” the Germans but…) and a UK sort-code/bank account so you can receive salary, etc. There is also option for a US bank account too (but don’t know how much headache you want when tax time comes).

You really ought to look into carrying a smartphone with a SIM card that’s “borderless” too, if you’ll be bouncing around the continent. I find that Netherland-based cellular providers (like Vodafone or KPN) are the only ones to include Switzerland (and some other obscure non-EU countries) in their ‘roam like at home’ program. Even the prepaid ones (and you don’t have to live in the Netherlands). Most other EU providers think Switzerland (and Monaco) are on another planet and they charge super crazy expensive roaming rates there. It’s going to be really hard for you to not want a mobile phone to send/receive message - this is 2019 after all… I would seriously research this.

If all else fails, remember you can still carry cash…

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You can get Google Voice

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Muhammet, Thank You for you Sugestion. The Problem here by is that google will control my life ahead, but i will give it a try… thanky You


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Get a phone with dual sim? that’s what I do.