Portugal GV criminal record documentation

Hi All,
I am presently getting my documentation ready “soft approach” before we consider the approach to Golden Visa Portugal- however when they ask for police clearance / criminal fee - from country of origin and or place of residence this is confusing for me as not sure which countries / or all of them to get this from:
I am born South African citizen / passport holder.

  1. Born in South Africa but lived / left for work since 2004
  2. 2004-2007 lived in UAE
  3. 2007 -2013 lived in Shanghai / China
  4. 2013-until now - Singapore,

Do I need to request criminal certificate clearance from all of the above ?

many thanks

Hey @Neal, it should be from the country where you’ve been living for more than 1 year (i.e. Singapore).
Stay well,

Hi, which country are you submitting your application with so that i can assist you?