Portugal GV Fund Comparison?

Fair enough :slight_smile:

@joseph.c.lapierre that’s very interesting and appealing to me personally. Given the size of the Portuguese economy compared to lets say the US I’m a bit averse to being completely exposed to that but I guess you have that exposure no matter what fund one goes with.

@nisbynator9 obviously it is all a very personal decision on how you want to invest. We tend to not like real estate for all the headaches that can come with it. We wanted something more liquid where we can be more in control of our money quickly. With that freedom comes some risk.

So what is the latest consensus on BlueCrow Growth Fund I?

Thanks so much for the feedback @cynthiaweissasher and apologies for the delayed response. I’m still getting used to the platform :slight_smile:

How is your GV fund research going?

Do people recommend splitting funds generally, or does it depend on the situation?