Renting property in Malta

Hi there all,

I started following this community when I decided that I will be going nomad within about a month or two. And in these few days, I have come across questions relating to Maltese residency & citizenship.

As you know one of the requirements is to buy or rent a property here in Malta. And since I won’t be here I am considering letting my apartment.

I am not an agent and this is my own property. Therefore anyone interested will benefit from not having to pay the agent fee.

If you are interested please contact me to further discuss.

How long is the place available? Are you on the main island or Gozo?

Hey Rosa,
For 1 year though most probably indefinitely after that. I’m planning to go nomad as of this year and hope I can figure it out within the coming year.
And I’m on the main island!

I really liked Gozo when I was there but I will tell a friend about your posting. He is considering Malta as a destination.

Thank you :slight_smile: