Residence as a beneficiary of the withdrawal agreement

I have finally recieved my CERTIFICADO DE PEDIDO DE TÍTULO DE RESIDÊNCIA ARTIGO 50.o do TUE from SEF and am waiting for details needed to attend a biometric appointment.

I understand that as I now have my residence certificate (under the brexit withdrawal agreement) I can now use this to avoid any issues with the 90/180 rule when travelling.

Can anyone tell me what else I can do now I have this cerificate please? So far I have been unable to find any information.

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Having done more research, and for the benefit of others it appears that the benefits of attaining the residence certificate are;

  • Visa-free access to the EEA/EU and Schengen Area.
  • Access to the workforce.
  • Unlimited access to education.
  • Access to the Portuguese healthcare system.
  • Unemployment benefits (in case you lose your job).
  • The option to bring over other family members.
  • The option to become a Portuguese citizen.

Hi, I too have had my Certificado on the 18th of January.
Do you have any indication as to what (Later) might refer to with the scheduling appointment.
I can’t seem to find a timescale anywhere.
Thank in advance

No schedule for the biometric appointment at all. I know if one other person who got their QR before me, in September, and she still has not been invited to make an appointment. Slow is the norm in PT.

Yes, hi5xan is right - no one has got an appointment for the biometrics’ card in Portugal under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, as they’ve not started issuing them yet (SEF is being shutdown, responsibilities being transferred to a different Government department… chaos…). Most people seem to think it’ll be at least another 6 - 12 months until they start processing this. And there’s about 50k people (Brits) who are in the same boat (so you’re not alone!), so I suspect it’ll take some time even when they start the appointments.

If you’re travelling, keep your Residency Certificate under Article 50 + QR code with your passport, so you can show them to Passport Control (and avoid any issues).

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Hi,thanks for the replies.
Do you know if they will still notify us of the scheduled appointments when they start or will we get forgotten about perhaps.

You won’t be sent an appointment, you will be sent the details of how to make an appointment. They use an online system to allow you to book a date and location of your choice.

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Would be so kind as to let me know either when that lady you know or you get that email please.
That way it will give me some indication as to when I may get mine if they are doing them in chronological order.

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I’ll try to remember. It may be some time.

That would be very helpful thankyou!

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You can find the full details of rights here, Portugal operates a declatory system so you need the first pdf.

That’s great information thankyou.

Hi Xandro,have you had your email from SEF yet for your biometric appointment.