Safe PGV funds with decent returns for US investor

Does anyone know of any good, safe funds (low risk) that provide a decent return and qualify for PGV for US investors?

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IMO nothing is safer than IMGA acoes - broad based pt index fund

Havent they held at ~10% total cumulative growth over the last 5 years though?
Are gains paid as dividends or just gains when you sell? I’m curious if you’ve had to report any income from the fund on US taxes yet, and if so, how they’ve been treated. I read a NomadGate article stating they get taxed in US at a flat 37%.

IIRC it’s not even a five year old fund. It just tracks the pt stock market.

IIRC the gains the fund made over the course of the year were added to my regular income.

Flat 37% sounds wrong

Anyway the “safety” I’m talking about is transparency, liquidity, low fees. All the others are much more black box

Got it, thanks. I do like index funds, they seem very safe and stable. Regarding 37% I was referring to this NomadGate article. Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds: The Ultimate Guide | Nomad Gate. Do you know if your accountant filed one of the elections mentioned in that article? 37% sounded like a lot to me too.

I did it myself, please read the thread.

I took the QEF election. Added a good chunk to my taxes that year, but I won’t pay it when I sell, so whatever

Excellent - thanks for that. QEF election seems the way to go. I’ll have to dig a bit further.