Sef portimão timeline

Please share your timeline to help make sense of the SEF Portimão office workings for others in the same situation as you from the time you submit your biometrics till you receive your resident card. Thanks, I appreciate your input, I’ll start:
Biometrics: 13 October 2021
Final Doc Submission: 23 November 2021
Approval received: Not yet or Yes (date)
Payment made: Not yet or Yes (date)
Card/s received: Not yet or Yes (date)


Is the portimão location notably slow or something?

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Not necessarily, started this post specifically to help people who have applied to the Portimão SEF office for their GV to compare/share their timelines.

Biometric taken 12 Nov 2021
Updated docs Submitted 20 Dec 2021
Still waiting

It seems only very few did the Biometric here . If there are others here it will help to know the timelines

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