Short essay about Russia

I want to present you a brief outline about Russia.

If you want to visit Russia or live for some time in this country, I will try to briefly describe what can help you.

During international sporting events, you can enter Russia without a visa if you have a ticket for sporting events. At this time, prices soar high, for housing for food, taxis.

You can apply for a visa, including business. In different countries, the complexity of obtaining a visa is different . With the Council are on the subject can not give. Russia has very complicated legislation, but it is implemented at a primitive level. If you received a tourist visa and are traveling on business, nobody cares. The main thing is that you leave on time as indicated in the visa, otherwise you may then be barred from entering. When calling a taxi, use Uber , so you will not be deceived.

Private housing is better to rent, the hotel will be more expensive. Do not choose housing in the center, it is much more expensive. Cities with a good standard of living in Russia are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi. In these cities you will receive highly qualified medical care, a minimum crime rate, good internet , which is available in buses, metro, hotels, cafes and always free. The s should have , a separate bank card, on which a little money , for everyday expenses. In Russia, there are cases of theft from cards of foreigners. Therefore, on one card you have all the money, and on the other a small amount of $ 1,000 for small expenses. You can open an account in many banks, for example Alfa-Bank . In Russia, a strict punishment for drugs is strict! There is no punishment for calling a prostitute . B Do not expose your belongings, money and cards, prostitutes steal from their customers . N When this police search for your stuff will not. You can get acquainted on the street, it will be normal, friendly people will always help. In any conflict or when you are threatened, call the police, do not be afraid.

Business. Opening a company costs $ 90, income taxes 6-7% if income is less than two million US dollars. You can withdraw money from your account in Russia abroad if the amount is less than 3 thousand dollars a day . Money can be withdrawn from different accounts, then you get a larger amount. Large amounts can also be transferred abroad, but the bank may require justification and confirmation of payment of taxes. In Russia, you are free to bring in bank cash hundred thousand dollars , no one will ask you the origin of your money . If you are looking for a tax haven, then this is a good place. You need to open a company, and then open an account in another country for this company. If you pay 6-7 % tax in Russia, then your account in another country is of no interest to anyone, and no one will ever block it, so all your money received will be legal in the world since you paid the tax in Russia. Paying an accountant will cost you $ 300-500, depending on the number of financial transactions. The Russian director is $ 400, but if you want, using legal mechanisms, you can do without him . Russian people are very adventurous, sly, usually punctual, are cheating The path is . Being late for a meeting is a bad tone. Before you conclude a contract or make a purchase, look Google it can be done cheaper. The Russian Internet search engine is Yandex, it has everything. E - mail can be opened free of charge, without incognito phone.

Yes, other countries will not be able to access your mail. Using Russian resources, you remain out of reach for the tax authorities and special services of other countries.

If you have any questions, write with pleasure we will answer you.

The 6-7% tax rate is the corporate tax rate?

Any withholding tax on dividends sent abroad?

A limited liability company that has decided to use a simplified taxation system has a tax rate of 6%. Withdrawal of funds in the form of dividends is taxed at a rate of 13%.
Usually a company pays a corporate tax of 6%. After that it can transfer profits to an account (for example, Scottish offshore) for any services.
Separately, it must be said that an individual entrepreneur also pays 6% of income tax + 1% social contributions, after which all profits can be transferred to your personal account. This money is not subject to other taxes.

A very interesting and informative post. My impression is that Russia is difficult to deal with unless you or a friend can speak Russian, do you agree?

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Yes, I agree with you that without friends and the Russian language in Russia it is difficult to do business. However, there are bonuses that are not available in other countries. You can buy land for farming cheaply, you can open a bank account with 5 banks in one day, you can easily fictitiously marry to get citizenship, you can bring a lot of cash to the bank, and the bank will not ask where this money comes from and much more.

Could you link to the official gov site which displays the tax rates?

Hey. I think that there is no such information on the government website, it is recorded in the tax code of the Russian Federation. But on the website of the Tax Inspectorate, you can make a request for information.