Slovenia Visas

Through my LLC, I have the ability to form a branch in Slovenia or near any country.

What Visas are permitted and duration after a branch of the LLC is created? What paths to citizenship, if any, is possible?

Hi John,

You might already be aware of this… but just in case you are not:
Many countries permit a foreign company to set up a Representative Office. This is not a branch office, and it is not a subsidiary of your original company. So you do not need to open a Slovenia company. A Representative Office has limited activities permitted in the new country BUT often allows for a residency permit :).

Slovenia does permit Representative Offices of foreign companies that can show they are active.

You can google the subject of opening a Representative Office in any country. Most seem to allow it.

This is a link to one site I found in 2 seconds google search about Slovenia:

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That’s Brilliant! Thank you for that link, knowing that key words to search by makes a difference.

Now for an attorney’s office…