Solar panels and solar energy (Portugal)

Anyone on here have any knowledge or background in solar power for a house in Portugal? Just in the process of buying a house in Central Portugal and would like to know/understand what options there are for solar power. I have just read an article that says IKEA in Portugal are going to sell solar panels…I can`t see them on their website.

I’ve personally designed and installed solar panels on my house in America but no experience in Portugal.

I’d definitely recommend it

Thanks Garrett, do you have battery backup or send surplus to the grid?
I want to know what batteries I need as not wanting to connect to the grid.

I’m on the grid so no batteries. I wanted to get some but it fell through

You might want to check with the site wholesale solar (they’re who I used, they changed their name and I don’t recall the new one unfortunately) and see if they have any European contacts

Alternatively the solar subreddit is pretty good

Thanks Garrett, will have a look and see what I can find.

i brought a PV system in Loule last year, “AlgarPremium”, Highly recommend! they can help you get Gov funding for the project

Thanks Gerry, I will contact them.