Terminating Golden Visa Residency - possible?

We have lived in Portugal for the last 2 years. Our GV residence cards expired 4 months ago and no hope on the horizon for a renewal biometric appointment. We are disillusioned with the GV scheme as it is not designed for applicants who actually want to come and live in Portugal full time, learn the language and pay taxes. We are looking to cancel our golden visas. Has anyone successfully cancelled their ongoing GV Residency? If so, how?

What are you talking about cancelling?

Why not switch to a D7? They’re treated much better. The only reason to get the GV is because you don’t have to spend half the year in Portugal

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Thanks…In every respect except SEF, we love it here. The D7 is a better option for us, I guess, but I would need to switch over from GV to D7 without a break in our legal residency record. I have to figure our where to start with this process.

Switching from a golden visa to a D7 has been discussed before here:


Just cancel your request for an appointment and do nothing? It’s already expired, right? What else is there to do? Getting out of your investment is another matter but depends on the investment itself and nothing to do with SEF.

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