Title Deed After Buying Investment Property


i got mixed feedback about whether the original title deed for the apartment i purchased should be with me or the Portuguese notary. please share with me your experience if you’ve invested in a residential property in lisbon for the golden visa program.

Neither, the original deed shall be at the City Hall - Registry. Your Notary shall forward the original deed as a part of the process and they should have already charged you some money for the same. As a buyer, you shall have an official certified copy of the deed, if you need more copies you can ask them from the same office and the cost shouldn’t be more than 20 Euros. The deed isn’t an important document in Portugal and you might not use that in the future after obtaining certidão permanente & caderneta predial, once the Notary forwards the deed and registers the same the Official title shall be transferred into your name, you can ask for a certidão permanente where you can see yourself as an active and the seller as a passive person.

Not the deed, but the certified and notarised original Compra e Venda (sales contract). That is the document that I have used to establish residency, obtain NHR, and claim the start date of the warranty period of household appliances. It is treated much like a title deed in the U.S.