Turkey, anyone?

Hello, all! Is anyone currently in Turkey, or does anyone have recent experience there? My husband, cat and self are planning a move to Izmir. We’re doing a ton of research, but would also love to make connections on the ground. If you have some experience living, renting, or visa-obtaining in Turkey, especially Izmir, that you’d be willing to share, please let me know! Cheers, nomads! :star2:

Hey @Revushka, my wife and I are in Izmir right now actually living for the month. Feel free to ask any questions if we can be helpful to you on what it’s like on the ground here. I don’t know much about the residency, visa and tax portion although we love it here and may look into that as we’re still exploring residency options.

Hello Nathan, sorry for the rudeness of such a late reply. Thank you very kindly for your message and offer of advice. All our plans are firmly up in the air at the moment – so enjoy Izmir, have a wonderful time! Best –

No worries at all, all the best whenever you do get your plans going in a new direction if I can help in any way let me know. We spent over a month in Izmir and a couple weeks in Istanbul, loved it. We are now in Spain for a couple weeks on our way to visit family and friends in Canada.

Hi, We have been very active in Turkey since the early 1990’s and are currently assisting a steady flow of Citizenship Investors with real estate investments. For example, we are currently assembling rental income properties in the best central locations of Istanbul, at the lowest price bands (1+1 $50-70,000), where the capital gains will be the greatest when the market finally bounces back. And these are properties that are generating a gross yield in the range of 9-14% for Air B&B rentals. and we are very knowledgeable of the locations and towns up and down the coast. In some coastal regions our clients have properties that are grossing 16% yields in EUR for short term holiday rentals, with prperties that are large and luxurious: 5 beds, all ensuite, swimming pools and gardens, panoramic views to die with etc