UK Citizen Golden Visa versus NHR

My wife and I have been pursuing a Golden Visa via property purchase and we have located an apartment that would suit us to buy. However someone asked me why we are going down the Golden Visa route when we could simply do NHR without the investment. Embarassing admission but I hadn’t appreciated that this was possible since the UK is no longer in the the EU, but a lawyer has confirmed this is the case.

Quite a fundamental question but could someone please help to clarify the relative merits of Golden Visa as opposed to just NHR for UK citizens? Many thanks

Hi Neil, how can you do NHR without becoming a resident?
What do you mean by ‘simply do NHR’?

As far as I know, you can ‘simply do NHR’ by moving in to Portugal if you’re an EU citizen, but you cannot get Golden Visa.
And for the UK citizen (or any non-EU) it’s the other way round - you can get GV but you cannot get NHR just by moving in to Portugal.

Thanks for the response. I’ve done a lot of research since this post and what I meant was going down the D7 route which it would seem is the best option for us. But I appreciate you taking the time to answer thanks :slight_smile:

OK, if D7 works better for you then that’s great.

Now very much in two minds Tommi. Are you from the UK? Would love to chat with someone who can give me a balanced view of the relative merits?