Would like to connect with fellow blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs


(Katie McCaskey) #1

If you’re blockchain enthusiast and/or entrepreneur, I’d like to connect with you.


(Tasmania Limited) #2

Hi there.
I am interesting in doing a business venture or hustle indeed.
Got any ideas?

(ActionSpot Startup Studio) #4


We are running Blockchain events and crypto developer nights @ActionSpot. You are always welcome

(Daniil Alexander) #5

I like crypto but my experience with them has been a bit painful.

I first heard of BTC when they were around $300 apiece and without much thought I started buying them. I sold most of them at around $600 apiece the same year. Thinking I just made a killing with returns over 100% I was fairly proud of myself.

Then I lost money trying to day trade those suckers :grin:

Learned a lesson there that day trading in itself is a weird beast, but day trading on something as volatile as crypto is a totally insane idea :man_facepalming: it becomes a more than a full time job.

I started looking at it again after they hit $10,000 mark and I used to circle back in my memories to the day where I sold most of my assets at 100% annual ROI, comparing myself to Warren Buffet. Had I waited a couple years, I would have been in a different spot right now…

The second lesson I learned was to avoid exiting a promising position and fully unloading the asset. Keeping some stake in a worthy game is healthy

This time I approached it differently, I actually started researching the underlying technology to understand what the asset was really worth. Valuating abstract IT like this is a complicated task, and what the market seems to value these tech pieces at seems a bit overstated. That might mean we are in a crypto bubble, but only the time will tell.

At this point I merely follow a few CoinDesk newsletters but would always welcome a crypto discussion here and there :slight_smile:

I am interested in applying blockchain to real estate and been following the Imbrex team, but I haven’t found a fellow enthusiast to get any blockchain projects started.