Adding significant other to a GV?

Hello, I’m a single US citizen who applied for the GV in late November 2021 and received pre-approval in July 2022. I am currently waiting for a biometrics appointment like so many others. During this process I entered into a long-term committed relationship with a US woman. She was not part of my initial application. My question is this: Can I at some point add her to my GV somehow, and avoid her having to go through the whole process as a single individual. That would be highly undesirable for obvious reasons, not to mention the additional investment.

But isn’t it normally the case that the initial application for the main applicant and the dependent (s) is made at the same time? This is more like a GV holder getting married and then pursuing residency for their new partner. My assumption has been that I should wait at least until after the biometrics appointment to bring this up. I will raise the matter with my immigration attorney in Lisbon but I’m curious to know if anyone here has any personal experience to share.


the question has been answered, you can add through “family runifictaion” anytime, and the applications are in fact different, but tied to one another. A snag may be that the program may not recognize “long-term committed relationship” unless that is a relationship that is recognized under the law…which will be for you to discover what that means, or how you formalize it to meet that. Very exciting, and congrats.