Can they mail new debit card to Cambodia or anywhere?

My big problem with the digital N26/Revolut style accounts is getting the debit card mailed to me…it costs a hundred bucks for FedEx USA to Cambodia…$37 US Postal with no tracking number. Will any of these companies mail to me here in Cambodia? Is there a way to use our residence address in our home country, but have a mailing address overseas? I understand and have a virtual mailbox, but forwarding to me here is so expensive and slow.

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Revolut if you hold a Metal account they can ship you DHL for free your card be assured anywhere in the world .

And that’s your first time receiving the card, not a card replacement? Card replacement is different. The problem I find so far is regulations saying they must ship new card to main address used to open the account…you gotta get the card before you can lose it haha.

I received 3 replacement cards from Revolut including one in French Polynesia (shipped from Poland) which is literally at the other end of the world. Received it for free after 4 days, I was blown away by the speed I must admit.

Revolut doesn’t care about your main address, you can give them any place in the world, unlike N26