Heaviest thing you take with you?

(Carson) #1

the first time I packed up and headed out canada to vietnam) i ended up ditching more than half the stuff brought. my bag was way too big but more importantly way too heavy. these days the heaviest thing in my bag is my laptop. I’m still hauling around a massive 15 inch macbook pro. what’s the heaviest thing in your bag? ws it worth it, or are you trying to replace it just like i am?

(Krista) #2

My DSLR camera and lenses. I’m so torn about them. On one hand, I can tell just how much better my pictures are when I take it with me, but on the other it’s so bulky and it’s so heavy. I love photography, but I feel like I’m one long trip away from getting back problems. I’ve been looking into mirrorless cameras, or maybe just upgrading my phone (iPhone6), but get mixed reviews on both options. What do you guys use for taking pictures?

(web-dev1) #3

I carry Dell M4800 metal chassis laptop. It’s super durable but it hurts my spine.

(Volker) #4

Keys Casio CT-X5000 was quite heavy)