How to cheat ID verifications?

Almost all web services require you to verify your identity with an ID card or a passport and the like.
I’m not a criminal, but they just don’t have any support for my identity documents because of political sanctions.
So, what are some of the methods to deal with such limitations?
Any good ideas?

The KYC and KYB process of all fintech companies is there to follow international laws and regulations. Therefore they are obligated by law to onboard customers that can verify their identity according to legal documents. Same thing as if you walk in to a traditional bank to open an account.
You most definitely can’t override or cheat this process.

Well it seems like if you did have a fake ID it would be harder for them to see it and detect it…unless they have a way to enter the numbers and check it against provided data.

I feel you for the annoyance of being from a place where because other people did things now you’re screwed. I’m all for finding whatever works.