How to go about firing one's lawyers in Portugal?

Hello all,

I’ve been working toward my D7 visa for Portugal (from the US) for the better part of a year - many things have gone wrong during the process, and I recently hired new lawyers from a reputable law firm in Portugal to work with me on it. They required payment up front, which unfortunately seems to be par for the course, but now it has been 4 weeks and they are not responding to my emails where I have asked about the status of various issues we were working on, related to the visa.

Is this grounds for dismissal? Is that possible to do in Portugal, and to get my money back? My contract with them does not have a clause in there about what happens if I should want to terminate it (certainly my fault as well, for not being thorough in asking for that), but at the same time if there’s no clause…then potentially I could dismiss them and demand a refund?

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, it would be most helpful; thank you!