I Need a company in Lisbon to represent me at Customs who have a NIF status to retrieve my package

(Jared Falek) #1

I need the names and contact information for a company to represent me at customs to retrieve my package PROCURAÇÃO
Nome (Particular / Representante da Empresa) … com o NIF… em representação (em caso de empresa) …, nomeia como seu representante direto, nos termos do artigo 18o, no 1 do código Aduaneiro da união, aprovado pelo Regulamento (UE) no 952/2013 do parlamento Europeu e do Conselho de 9 de outubro de 2013, os CTT Correios de Portugal Despachante Oficial portador da cédula profissional no 1912I5, habilitando-os a praticar, em nome e por conta da ora representada, os atos inerentes ao cumprimento das formalidades aduaneiras, nomeadamente apresentação de declarações aduaneiras de importação e de exportação junto das alfândegas nacionais para o no local (No identificação da mercadoria) …
Data: …/…/2017

(Thomas K. Running) #2

Did you try talking to customs by giving them a call or emailing them? While it might make the process smoother, I don’t think you need a NIF to get something through customs. If you’re in Lisbon, you might just want to go there and talk to them directly.

You can find some information if you Google around for a bit, e.g. this Reddit thread.

(Filipe) #3

That form is for you to allow CTT to represent you to customs in retrieving the package. If your package came through CTT you can’t have someone other than them represent you to customs. You should be in possession of all the data to send to CTT except for a NIF (Portuguese tax number)

According to CTT if you’re a foreign citizen and don’t have a NIF, you just need to say that, that you don’t have a NIF and give them your passport number. From CTT’s webpage: “para estrangeiros sem NIF devem indicar o número do passaporte ou documento de identificação dos países de origem (UE).”

Just send the requested data, passport number (as you don’t have a NIF), product invoice, a brief description of the content and mention the local number and origin number, which are in the letter you received from them. Then send it all to: international@ctt.pt

They’ll reply to you within a couple days and tell you if something else is needed that you may have forgotten

Going there directly is probably not the best idea if you can avoid it as they’ll charge you a surcharge for handling it there in person. They strongly encourage people not to go there personally as it disrupts the way they have their services set up

(Jared Falek) #4

Can you please attach or send me the form I need to complete as per your email

(Filipe) #5

There’s no specific form to fill, just write everything in the email body and attach the proof of purchase and payment (grab a screenshot from PayPal or whatever you used to pay and from the seller order page)

(Joana) #6

Usually, the way I get packages through Customs is by filling this online form: https://appserver.ctt.pt/ProcessoAduaneiro/

You’ll need an account, but it’s quick to register. Once registered, you’ll have to enter “Número Local” and “Número de Origem” of your shipment.

In the next section, you’ll be asked if you have a Portuguese NIF, but you have the option of saying no. I’m not sure what will happen in your case after that, but probably you can give your passport number or similar like @Filipe1 said.

The site is in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translate if needed.

(Jared Falek) #7

Thank you. I keep trying, like since October!!~! Don’t know why they won’t release my package which only contains my clothes.

(Filipe) #8

Yes, you can create an account, it’s a newer method than the email I gave, however it’s only in Portuguese. If you’re waiting since October, you’ll have to pay a lot in storage fees!! Depending on what it is, maybe it’s better to leave it

(Jared Falek) #9

Thanks, but I am so frustrated but hate to give up

(Filipe) #10

First you need to check whatever tracking you may have as after 60 days items are sent back if not claimed. So imagining it arrived there at the end of October, it supposedly was returned to sender at the end of December. There’s a chance the process is delayed and the item is still in Portugal, but we’re approaching the end of January, so the chances are slim. So first ensure the item wasn’t yet sent back

Then if it’s still in Portugal to claim it you’ll have to pay taxes which are 23% of the value of the product+14.76€ which is the CTT fee+ 30€ which is the storage fee since you took so long to claim it

(Jared Falek) #11

Thanks again. I keep trying. Got a new telephone number last night. Will try today.