Madeira GV lawyer

Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Madeira who has dealt with GVs for couples who aren’t married? Any in Portugal main lane could also be relevant.

Dixcart has worked well for me. But don’t know about couples who aren’t married.

We’re a couple that isn’t married. Doesn’t seem like there’s much complicated to it in terms of evidence needed. I wouldn’t choose specific lawyer for this aspect.

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We did our residency process and family reunification in that situation.
I highly recommend my lawyer who took care of my permit.

Carla Gameiro - +351910333143

Thank you for the update. How long did it take to get pre approval? Also did they ask for bank statements?

My Lawyer took care of a D8 for me and family reunification for my partner. As far as I know the family reunification process is the same in GV or D8. we got our residency card 5 months after the visa request.

Ok thanks. Does D8 mean you have to be in the country more than 180 days?

You can’t stay out of the schengen area for more than 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months calculating by the period of residency ( in this case my card was issued for a period of 2 years). This was the info my lawyer gave me