Outsourcing phone, email & chat customer support - recommendations

(Amadeusz Annissimo) #1

We’re considering outsourcing simpler customer-support jobs for our business. The volume of incoming communication from customers is still relatively low, and so the cost of hiring someone full time for the role is not really justified in our case. The main problem is the response time - although the volume of messages is low, we’re not always able to respond quickly enough (ideally within 30 minutes) with 2 people currently responsible for this task.

Does anyone have any recommendations on some services which could help us with that? Ideally, the service will be rather small, and willing to work with our custom backed app, Gmail, Zendesk, Hubspot, Yelp, Facebook Messenger, without prior direct integration with their system. Or is it rather a task for a team of virtual assistants? Our business is located in Europe (customers from Germany, France, and Poland - largely expats living there), but in 90% of cases, very good English is fine (we can live with longer support time in other languages - i.e. keep it as it is, “in-house”). In terms of our budget, we can afford to keep it in the “hundreds of euros” per month (but not “thousands”).


(William Grogan) #2

I run a small Outsourcing business from the UK and Portugal. Office admin, bookkeeping, credit control, chasing cash, etc…


(Amadeusz Annissimo) #3

Hey William - I would be interested to hear more about it. Can you share a link here, so send me this via a private message?